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But yeah it's good. It's fruity and To seven point five percent. I'll see the cam. There are they can quite literally happy hour allah anyway. It's my fan. What about over there sounds good. Still drinking the pink whitney bro. I alvin get back on the beer. Wave kind of taking a little bit of a break from the heavy a- heavy carbs so just haven't pink whitney again. shouts sponsorship. I know you can. We get a sponsorship from another hockey podcast arguably the listen to one. Well that's for sure. Hopefully we can get some of that from them is it. Is it them or is it. Thirty one thoughts to go out and limit state spin checklists. I could totally be wrong but I guess that's not hard to look. I listen to hockey podcast. It's thirty one. Thoughts is pretty with a elliott friedman. I believe so. Google search tells me spin chocolates. But obviously i can change. You know what i mean. Yeah but google tells me from the puck review dot com. That is the spin chiklis. Podcast so i think you're got Actually they don't even have a list stages literally have them at number one okay. They have hockey central at two. Oh hockey central. Oh that makes thirty one thoughts number three so yeah you close close enough good stuff it would ever since hearing that takumi m- of the The kid from the four nike calling people dog order and stuff like that. I keep talking in that same like pace. You know what i'm saying. I know as we were like setting up. You're talking like that. And i was like a what i can't stop it now. I'm addicted to talking like that. It's funny. I like watching the tiktok of people doing that blake It's like four. Nike plays minecraft for the first time. Oh yeah yeah. It's like i left. He's water dog water. Nothing on building a building would do. There's actually i've just found them on my tiktok for you page of like a hockey page doing that one like what are you doing your dog water dollar she had said in. It's like a guy leaning up to take a hit and you see the guy absolutely get destroyed. And it's like the funniest thing ever i'll send you one of my favorite. I feel like the iron. Mike conaway behind on that because i never really played fortnight. So like an remember like watch. You'll play fortnite so it's like i don't know somebody's sitting there like a dog water. Yeah how what is the who like here. I mean i guess because it's a bunch of young kids so they come up with like stupid shitty lake insults at aren't really insulted like fed idiot. More on yeah. Yeah basically yeah. They come up with like stupid things like that. And i don't know. I like the mean of it though. It's the dollar tree headsets. Pretty funny though. Because i was rockin that for the longest time. You're also were rocking the dollar tree internet about that. No we're not going to jinx it. Thank you.

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