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Let's talk golf for the last few minutes to show here because there are two tournaments. I want to touch on you know, I guess we'll start in on the European tour side because that is the one that starts little bit earlier. Here we go out to Abu Dhabi for the championship there. And you know, a lot of strong players in this field of Brooks kept guy out there, Dustin Johnson out there who by the way, he's thirteen to one over at five times for this tournament. You do not see Dustin Johnsons numbers at thirteen to one for any PGA tour tournament. So what sort of your approach you're out in Abu Dhabi? Well, now because the tournament is actually started already much to my surprise considering I did a write up for the Beason newsletter that we really something Wednesdays and it started overnight Tuesday night Wednesday morning. So we're actually already one round right now if Shane Lowry as the leader shooting a six ten under and I mean, Dustin Johnson now they've adjusted his odds he is that he did kind of start out for Lee. But got it back to three-under-par Brooks catholicos five hundred parts, hyper eleven, but you know, you got a lot of a lot of the different mix here of guys. Pablo Lara Thaba who won this event before three back at seven hundred Lou stays in a lot of respected guys tip for this tournament at minus seven the guys I played I played Martin Heimer was one of my guys. He's four back at six under simply because he's got great pedigree here. He's won here. Three times. We've got. Four other tops six finishes. So he's the guy that likes the Abu Dhabi golf club. So you've got a lot of guys. I mean, there's still some opportunities if you hadn't gotten in if you're used to a European tour event starting on Thursday and not starting this early. You know, you could still maybe get some some some y lines here, and you know, scoring looks to be low. I mean, the primary defense on this course, or bunkers ninety bunkers on force and the wind and done look like the winds ball and there's somebody shooting town under. All right. Well, my mistake. I didn't know that tournament had started already. I'm used to the the European tour events starting on Wednesday. So my apologies for that. But again, you know, one of the things that Brian blessing always talks on the show internment wagering looking for some of those guys that are still in striking distance. You'll wind up with some good players that are few shots off the pace. And then maybe you could take them heading into the second round or into the third round. Oh, hasn't started yet the Desert Classic out in California. How does your forty five hope was the careerbuilder? It's changed names. A whole bunch of times the challenging thing here about this one west with the cut after fifty four holes because these guys all play a different course the first three days. Yeah. Absolutely. And I mean, if you look at at this the past of performances of this event last year, you had a chalk winner with Jon Rahm winning this tournament. He's now for the tournament favorites this year of anywhere about six seven eight one. And you know, you have a couple of interesting names that are at the, you know, the top of the favorite Boorda Justin Rose never played this event his deciding to play this then this year, and he's about ten to one. Now, he is a he's playing with the new Clinton's this year. So I mean, I probably wouldn't take him that low even though he's certainly capable of winning it and can turn them in ten, but yeah, I mean, this is a, you know, you have three you have three different courses here. You know, it's a little bit of a plane that the PJ west nNcholas course in the stadium forces. Really, I think the best force of the three, but you've seen some chalky winners in some names win here before like, Jon Rahm or or Patrick read. But you've also had guys at longer shop prices like Hudson swap or to his one of my guys this week. He played very well at the Sony last week Ryan gay Mark Wilson, Johnny Vegas won his first event here DJ trae hand. So you're not always getting, you know, your your your premium or big names winning this event. So you know, it it is it is a little bit of a craft used..

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