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That's a guy that you really want to, you know, take an extended look at here for tonight, but for the brewers, they get seven shutout from Wade Miley they get another decent start from chase Anderson you'll. This is a brewers seem it just really has a lot of things going firing on all cylinders. Jason Anderson, fourteen swings and misses over his six innings, which is pretty average, but Richhill only had eight of them. So for the brewers there, I think it's been a very positive series for them even if they don't win the series tonight with Kershaw on the mound. I, you know, still the bullpen has looked solid. They've played right with one of the top contenders. I think that you know, it's one of those things where you look at the brewers and you say, okay, this team is here. I mean, this. Team is here for real. Now, again, we'll see what they do here tonight against Kershaw didn't do much against Richhill last night on the dodgers had to be very excited about that rich. He'll start six, innings, six. It's a couple of runs. Only one of them earned. Only one walk, which is good for ritual as well, just four strikeouts, but the contact management skills back in the mix there for Richhill. So no matter what happens here tonight. I think this is a split or if the brewers win this series. I really good series for both of these teams. Walker bueller, look, very good for the dodgers kept on my aunt really didn't the fact that ritual pissed well, very important for them. Both bullpens throwing the ball, you know a little bit inconsistently here in this series couple of back and forth bullpen blow yesterday. But I guess there's a series where you'll both of these teams have to be pretty happy with where they're at. Before we take a look at the craziness of the trade deadline day, just want to mention a couple of pitching disabled list since Chris sale on the deal for Boston expected to be mild, just some shoulder discomfort. We'll see if there's any lingering problems there with that. Then the big one, Johnny Cueto Tommy John surgery for San Francisco, real bummer for Cueto, obviously a bummer for San Francisco as well on, hopefully, you know, he has no ill effects as he comes back for the twenty twenty season. All right. Let's go ahead. Talk about the trade deadline, which was insanity, absolute craziness. Lots of deals breaking a very short amount of time. It was nuts, one of the busiest and craziest trade deadline days that I can remember. And even then guys like Adam Jones, Adrian bell, trae Kyle bear claw. Adam Conley. So many guys didn't even move know. We just saw a lot of deals and some guys that were expected to move just wound up, not even going course. You had some guys with ten and five rights and stuff like that to block no trades like bell trae like Jones, but still, you know, lots and lots of activity, and I think that the big thing is that for the most part, all of the contenders did improve. I think there are a couple of deals where I kind of wonder just how much they help. Like I talked about with Cole hamels on Monday's show up, but I think overall, you know, a lot of these seems filled some of the needs that they had. And of course, we'll still have the waiver trade deadline to try and figure out what they wanna do. There. So we'll go ahead and run through. I think it's just pretty much all of the deals that happen over the over Monday and Tuesday after recording. Monday's show. So some of these moves just for death. For example, John expert of the dodgers just a pen depth move. Cameron maybe goes to Seattle. He hits lefties pretty well plays a decent center field. That'll keep Dee Gordon at second base. So it could addition there for Seattle, a nice little complementary piece for them and those complimentary pieces. Very important here at this time of the year, you strengthen your bench, you strengthen your team defensively in the late innings. Those are important things to gain little edges there at the margins. Atlanta picked up Darren o'day and Kevin Gosper. And you know, these are both controlled assets for this year and next year. And I think the brains can't maybe do something with Kevin Gosper because you look at Mike Fulton edge, very similar kind of guy, fastball heavy, questionable command..

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