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Rain today right now it's eighty two degrees looking for a high today of eighty four a little bit of wind blowing up from the south care quality is excellent talk to local sculptor guy two o'clock to thirty the mayor will join us Rick fox at eight games a menacing Zach the director from New Mexico voices for children the new kids count book is out and they represented the paddy learned from from the Gallup area she is chair of the house appropriations and finance committee will talk about the special session which ended for the house last night at about seven o'clock four two four twelve sixty anything one talk about a little while ago got an email from Ben ray lu Han's office congressman Ben ray lu Han otherwise known as the assistant speaker of the house so they have come up with about one hundred billion dollars are out of the one point five trillion dollar package for infrastructure this is in the house of representatives in Congress in Washington so about a hundred billion dollars that includes broadband and does include congressman lu Han broadband legislation call the broadband infrastructure finance and innovation act we desperately needed here in New Mexico it could spur deployment of high speed internet access across the country through the low cost financing for communities it also includes legislation introduced to connect school buses two wifi to address homework gap the rolling tribal students face and initiatives he champion to establish a grant programs to promote digital equity less than half of Roman Mexicans have access to fixed high speed broadband less than half of world the Mexicans of course a lot of that is on tribal land also in we had John Goldstine on last week in the in the last week from the environmental defense fund talking about using out of work oil and gas workers in the southern part of the state do clean up cap orphaned wells oil and gas wells in southern Mexico that have been orphaned because it no longer cost effective to produce three all companies picked up and left and they're leaking either being a bubbling oil out or they're leaking methane so part of this infrastructure bill includes that as well what jungle thing talked about last week from the environmental defense fund the clean up the orphaned wells two billion dollars to protect the environment and create new good paying jobs to clean up or if an oil and gas wells it's been lu Han alongside center Martin Heinrich in congresswoman Tulsi Taurus mall recently called for measures to address abandoned oil and gas wells in future economic recovery packages not only cleans up the environment but it also provides work world oil and gas workers out of work in southern New Mexico all right not only was the India palace Karass we assume by racist domestic terrorism but the obelisk on the plaza was also vandalized and part of the inscription was chiseled away somebody spray painted on the ovals good self the word racist and on the base he will land this is what the mayor was trying to avoid when he said let us remove the controversial monuments put him away for another day or maybe forever so we don't have these kind of events obviously took place in the middle of the night nobody hurt no violence just vandalism so that's nothing they'll talk with the mayor about also front page story today by downtown about how the city's gross receipts tax revenue and we've talked with the mayor said in the last couple weeks about the budget and the shortfall for upcoming FY twenty one and we talk with senator Peter worth yesterday he sent a majority leader about what the Senate did in our special session when they provided a hundred million dollars two city so if we combine whatever Santa fe's gonna get whatever Santa Fe is going to get from the federal money and the fact that the gross receipts taxes were not as bad as had been anticipated which is a little bit a return it we'll talk with the mayor about that as well at two thirty and at three thirty today say represent a petty line from wilderness she's from now on the Gallup area so the house finished up about seven o'clock last night and part of what the house passed we talk with senator worth about this yesterday that they had passed and sent to the house where the two bills being considered yesterday by the house and they did pass it on about a forty forty twenty six to approve a measure that would require all new Mexico police officers to wear body cameras it did pass forty four to twenty six now Republicans are not happy but Republicans are not happy about anything Republican GOP party New Mexico as I've been saying is going to become irrelevant they become the party of the pity party basically just poor us nobody likes us were irrelevant we have no good ideas we can't work with anybody to get this passed and we'd like to see past and they just **** and moan if they keep this up under the counter current leadership of the Republican Party New Mexico I think in in you know maybe maybe and maybe in November maybe in twenty twenty two they're gonna maybe fall out of a major party status not likely but not doing much positive for the state of New Mexico other than **** and moaning.

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