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I know. Hello. Yes. Has proven. We'll be west. Westport. Retired. Music. Fred you have left us. God. Here's my. Every time you. You can trust you. The money. Erica. This. Special. For your you like that. I coach. Your car back with some special friends got a blessed. Somebody else on the people stationed V three is thirteen minutes after nine news. Exciting old so fine. Happy Easter everyone from Sunday morning praise. My name is Larry tins me don't test down because coming up at nine thirty my good friend, Mr. Gregory senior, join me to talk about his big forever. Young senior prom and especially shout out to Mississippi Benton of Monticello, faithfulness of Sunday morning praise Assissi if you driving to church right about now. Thank you so much for taking the along with you. I appreciate you so much every Sunday morning. Got to say good morning to all the members of Nivo Baptist church in life. That are having their big one hundred nineteenth church anniversary and pastors installation service. It kicks off next Sunday. As a matter of fact, the guest speaker nine o'clock is going to be riven Aaron Jones junior from cornerstone Baptist church. Then you're gonna have the big pasture pesto installation service revenue Aaron Jones third. The be there for that. Outstanding celebration is all gonna take place next Sunday at mountain evil Baptist church in life center at ten twenty five McDonnell boulevard and more than ever knew right here in the ATM. The guest speaker for the three o'clock service will be Reverend inducement from the house of hope it Manta. You don't wanna miss that guaranteed and new growth Baptist church presents their annual spring. We bible Tuesday, April thirtieth. Thursday may second at seven thirty pm nightly it kicks off on Tuesday, April thirtieth with pastor St. goal from Saint Paul EMC church Wednesday, a pastor north, and it's going to be there. They'll close things out on may second with pastor Thomas and from Good Hope Baptist church. New Baptist.

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