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Gas on the high heart rate season two baby you all the Gulf of Mexico already pushing a few showers on to the coast this morning and as the day goes on those storms will spread farther inland and eventually over toward the east coast but overall there's about a forty percent chance of storms and higher humidity the high today of ninety partly cloudy and muggy overnight with a low of seventy nine and once again that on shore wind main showers along the coast in the morning tomorrow and a forty percent chance of inland storms highs tomorrow at eighty nine and if you're out of the water on this Monday west went to ten knots in a like top of the bay on news channel eight meteorologist Leigh Spann Cryin euro cars air quality index is good right now mostly cloudy eighty one degrees in Saint Petersburg seventy eight in Riverview and seventy nine nature severe weather station news radio WFLA next update at seven forty five hi Chris strength and this report is sponsored by nationwide vision at nationwide vision take advantage of their back to school special you can get one pair of kids eyeglasses for forty nine ninety nine and that includes impact scratch resistant lenses and then I wear protection plan C. nationwide vision dot com for details or one eight hundred I care warning if you're a C. pap user pay attention without proper cleaning C. pap machines can cause chronic conditions like cold sinus and respiratory infections they can become a breeding ground for nasty germs and mostly pipe cleaners use a toxic gas called ozone which can create other respiratory issues but now three B. medical is introducing lumen a C. pap cleaner that uses safe and effective UV lights to clean and disinfect ninety nine percent of bacteria from your C. pap equipment in just five minutes other C. pap cleaners can take two to three hours and are more expensive luminous quick safe and easy it's also great for sterilizing toothbrushes cellphones in hearing aids get a little in today and get better sleep tonight with a thirty day risk free trial and fifty dollars off your order plus free shipping call eight hundred nine nine eight seven nine two well that's eight hundred nine nine eight seven nine two the lumen C. pap cleaner by three B. medical eight hundred nine nine eight seven nine two OO eight hundred nine nine eight seven nine two OO or visit clean my C. pap dot com that's clean my C. pap dot com when your way to our twenty nineteen I heart radio music festival one thousand dollars to spend while you're in big here in Las Vegas more than thirty of the biggest music superstars hand picked by radio hosted by Ryan Seacrest brought to you by the.

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