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And Friday from five thirty to noon. W G Y presented by star roofing. Right now, we head into the weather room where I'll have to apologize. Joe Lundberg from Macura. I last time a our I said Meany me because of our weather. Apologizing for calling you Meany Meany. Okay. I'll accept the apology. Thank you cakes. You said you've been called far worse though. Right. I mean, I have been. A few years ago. It's like being elected deal with ruining a lot of people's parties. Weddings and stuff like that weatherwise. But yet you still keep coming back, right? I'm talking. I I like what I do. That's good. That's great. And and I know you got good news for tomorrow. But what about today today's is going to be a cloudy day? I mean, we're we're right now, we're up into the mid forties. But as I look at the radar out to the west, we're seeing some some very light rain, and I think that that's really the nature of this beast, and we thought we chatted last hour that sometime in the eight thirty nine o'clock windows, probably when we start to see some of this later in I still think that that's going to be right within the next forty five minutes, or so, but it will be very very light. I think we get probably a few hundreds of an inch of rain total out of this whole thing. The bulk of it's going to go by to our south but from now through mid to late afternoon. It's just going to be cloudy with the very light rain that occasionally will actually be heavy enough to wet the pavement of the time. It'll be selected payment will start to dry out than eventually just all goes away late afternoon and skies will clear for the last hour or two before sunset on nice. And then, but it's going to be chilly tonight, though. Right. It will be still chilly air mass air pressure to our north is going to deliver this chillier Massa. We'll get. Of freezing. I suspect most of the outlying areas are going to be down to the upper twenties, which means frost is a possibility and even a hard free. So if you've got any plants that you've set outside of the porch, and like that you might want to protect them bring them inside for night because it is going to be pretty cool tonight. But tomorrow tomorrow nice day, not quite to normal. I think our normal high should be in the lower sixty but fifty eight Dow take that in all this. We get some sunshine. There's probably going to be an increase in clouds though in the afternoon. That's from the next troublemaker that will bring us some brain at some point later tomorrow night into Tuesday morning that goes away, the clouds persist effect. I think once the clouds come back in tomorrow night there with us all the way through Thursday night into Friday and from time to time we're gonna have to deal with the rain like I said that first batch comes in sometime later Monday night and last Tuesday morning. We'll probably have another one that will come through sometime Wednesday later today, and then some more shower activity on Thursday. All righty. All right. Well, listen, Joe. Thank you very much. We appreciate that. And we will check back with you in about an hour. Thanks so much. Joe lumber from AccuWeather and we're still waiting for the. Cream truck, get Tinguely when I hear that ice cream. Use the truck, you know, everybody runs off front, but I have to wait for my wife because she has the wall and the money I just can't go order on my own. They don't have any.

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