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Including H V A C filtration systems and sanitation services, and we'll have more on this ahead. Keep it here on Double d t o P. It's 3 11. Tonight will be the final presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden. It's a time for the candidates to make their final pitches to voters on a nationally televised stage. Of course, there is a lot to talk about, including the pandemic and new rules that were put in place after the last debate, Sean and joining us now to talk about it all is the Washington Post, Dan Balls. Damn good to have you back. Thank you so much. You're not nice to be with you. And you know, it's a good thing. We didn't have a mute button back in the days of the Lincoln Douglas debates. We've we've seemed to have gone downhill from the from the 18 sixties. Talk about the mute button and how it's needed for tonight's debate and how it might impact what we here tonight. Well given what happened in the first debate when the president especially was interrupting Vice President Biden, uh throughout the debate, and Biden, occasionally returning the favor. The commission on presidential Debates looked into the issue of whether they could do a mute button. It's a it's a turkey issue, frankly, and what they came up with is that there are six segments in the debate, and at the beginning of each segment, each candidate has two minutes. To make up a statement, and they have decided that they will mute the microphone off the candidate who is not speaking during those two minutes Now, one of the issues involved in this is that Let's say by speaking and the president's microphone is muted if he starts to talk. Biden's microphone may well pick it up, so it's not as though it will completely silence the person and so it's you know, it's going to be a turkey thing on the part of the commissioner. Whoever has their finger on the button, so to speak to manage this, but it's certainly an effort to bring. Ah, little more, you know, Harmony is not the right word. But A little more civility to at least the opening statements for each segment. Dan how big a role do you expect the pandemic to play in this debate? Well, it's one of the segments and I think that everybody knows that it's the most important issue in the campaign. I mean, it has defined this general election in a way that no other issue has Condit has we know it has not been helpful to President Trump. So Vice President Biden has adopted a quite different approach to the pandemic. We see that in the degree to which she is Out campaigning far less than the president and not in big rallies, and the president is pushing ahead and trying to convince people that the pandemic is mostly behind us. Which it isn't on DH that we should go about life more or less normal. I think that debate will play out on the stage tonight, and I think that each each of the two will try to make their case. But At a time. When we're seeing the spread accelerate. It's going to be more difficult for the president to argue that this this is something that is almost behind us. And good to talk to again. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thanks. Dan. Balls is Washington Post Chief correspondent 3 14. Why's the sleep number.

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