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How good look how. Good these still look the. It just looks incredible lake a Alpine backdrop. Oh it's gotta be going one hundred miles an hour and then you see the video. It's like seven counting. Sag and the photos are beautiful so same idea the hang on. That's what you WanNa do when you did that thing. What was it called? I wrote it down. All cars go to heaven zaken deducted that what snow one you should do. Alpine and Alpine orcas and you just for the Patriots for Instagram. I WANNA PONTIAC AZTEC fully. Trust rich details of amazing snow. But you're only doing twelve miles an hour. The one thing if I come to the to Europe Anytime Soon. I'd like to collaborate with one of you guys and I think you and Richard would probably the people to do it Smith with Smith and sniff I think I want to find cars that people must have spent an extraordinary amount of money bringing to Europe but that are just horrible shit box like I was in Monaco. I saw like nineteen eighty-seven Cadillac Bro. Ham like with the terrible port injection engine like the one that like time for fucking for God not even the cool one and I'm like. Oh Yeah it's a two thousand dollar car. Someone must've spent like fifteen or twenty thousand dollars to like import this thing to Monica. Why there's got to be so many. Do you think that is someone who is like incredibly wealthy? And it's a joke for them no wealthy and they just like they like it right. Johnny Oh yeah yeah this people I mean I own an like owning an American car in the. Uk's quite niche but if you ever go to American car shows over here they do exist. They don't massive. But you will always find the guy who's got. Stetson with the bad shirt with you know. He looks like a Texan Cowboy Cowboy. But he's got like a terrible like West country accent of the and and he's driving up bustle back Cadillac ones in the snow. Plows going in reverse. Yes yes yes all all the. What was the really.

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