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Position reminds and remains relatively supportive of the of the spice we were talking about central bank action being uh particular uh wildcard of course for 2018 but a lot of asian central banks have stayed on the sidelines as the fed is telegraphed three hikes coming forward uh we had the be okay of course be the first of the asian central main asian central banks to hike let the other ones have stayed relatively on their hands yeah an and i think again that's that's a certain this element of supportive nison and ironically i mean we're probably as you know i guess when it comes to to credit fundamentals would probably as positive at agent fundamental sweeping for a for for a number of years uh uh and part of that is the flexibility that the central banks have got an end the sort of supporting environment that that will foster uh so you we're not overly worried about fundamentals 80s more sort of a global asset valuation story since a walk me through this because you don't we don't talk about bonds as much as we do about currencies in equity so as yields rise in the west uh that would attract money out of asia into those securities that's one of the things that you concerned about this year but as those yields are rising those bonds are dropping and isn't that a disincentive to a certain extent for that for that flow will i think i mean the worry that we have is that all acid process go ugly of become car lighted sites are normally you'd get rescheduled its rallying and and risk for yes it saad bonds would would would start to sell off the net if arman i think what we've had for the past few years whip with monetary policy is just pumped i i guess liquidity into the system is that you've had these traditionally decor elated f it's become correlated so bonds of rallied at the same thomas equities us estela bones of rallied at the same time as you know with many cases local currency bones and and we worry that has liquidity get sucked out of the global financial system ever think suffers as well do you see though if the fed may be overshoots and there is a.

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