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Marching band camp show, Dante remarkably that's David van campus a lot we are jam packed today. And I mean, what a time to be alive. I feel like I say it every day. And it's true. Every time I say it every single day. Yeah. It's different. It's not boring. So with a just a little under a month to go before the midterms President Trump at a rally in Montana unveiling a great campaign slogan last night again in Montana, Democrats, produce mobs, Republicans produce jobs. That's not bad branding because we've been talking about your. I know you're not supposed to call. These activists who are chasing people out of restaurants, threatening the lives of elected officials and not supposed to call them a mob. According to who according to Brooke Baldwin on CNN and many other liberal pundits. You're not supposed to call them a mob because they're just people fighting for their country. So what are you supposed the president's going to call them again and again and again mob mob mob mob mob. Correct. Because most people think that that is ridiculous. The push back to the m word is ridiculous. Yes, now, I think it was a little undermined here by the fact that Trump kind of praised Greg Gianforte. Remember that story. He's the Representative Montana, body slander. Reporter Ben Jacobs with the guardian. Yes. Remember it? Well, yeah. And wound up pleading guilty to assault had to go to anger management. All that stuff. Well, Trump brought it up again. Now the context. I I do think is important not that. I wish he would have gone down this road. But I think the context is important because he's talking about that one time Joe Biden who was the sitting vice president talked about beating up Donald Trump on the campaign trail. This is true. Yes about sleepy Joe Biden, Joe..

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