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So i think again tend to seven with with the least five home runs for me that's a slug fest yeah i'm gonna say not to leaped cited a score because if it's twenty three or five or anything like that that's just a blow out i think i don't think it's a suck fest and i'm gonna say both teams need to be a double digits oh okay yeah i don't i mean i don't know if you have a ninety game at guess that's that's pretty slug fest e but i'm gonna say both games in i don't know how many games meet those criteria it is at play next can we see what percentage of games have double digit and both teams and double digits yes i believe so you could buy checking the number of teams matching criteria in a game at least number maybe that exist that'd be exists in a box but whatever it's it's let's file it away as potentially play index simple okay will it might be to exclusive i don't know how many games that would actually turn up but i think that will be my definition and the more home runs the better but if you're going to have a a game west coast teams and double digits you're almost certainly going to have some home runs in there that's not all going to be singles so that's what i will say yes it's funny because uh you can have all these increasingly i guess because the criteria to be a slug fest probably don't adapt with the times quite as well as they should but the ball is now may be increasingly released at the same level a game of slick this while it's rob fred's priority to rid the game of snail fest.

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