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The investors dan banned the feeling is mutual influential conversations from bloomberg television here's julia chatterly congressman dave bassett virginia who is a member of the house budget committee physics fainted hey how you feel about this tax reform because the overall message for the freedom caucus here is your on board what has to remain in order to keep kibassa yeah no we've been saying the same thing consistently basically with a better way tax plan shows up president trump's plan shows up which is even air better whipped up kushner race even lower we're all on board and you just heard our speaker right on health care what happened the swamp one that went right big insurance won the day there wasn't we started off with free market talk across state lines hsa price transparency phd in economics all acts music to my ears and at the end we ended up with a skinny bell that was more by new york sixth avenue tag line that a substantial policy so if we keep this tax package in play and the swat dozen overwhelm at were all on board we what we want to get the rate slow we want economic growth we want to increase wages they've been flat for thirty years right that's brauny all the way on the left all the way through the midwestern states the trump the whole country knows dc is ranked in the middle class wants a break and we intend to give it to him and so i think there's good news on the way hear more interviews like this one on bloomberg television streaming live on bloombergcom and on the bloomberg mobile app or check your local cable listings for tapert continues mobile business news 24 hours a day on the radio mobile app on your.

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