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You know, modest returns as far as viewership people enjoyed it. But I think that in some ways. Yeah. Like, you said that John is just probably probably podcast geek in this is I mean podcast have been around for a little bit. But the, but at the same time, I think they're really just now kind of getting more of a foothold in gaining popularity. So this is another interesting way to package material. And if we keep it a little lighter little bit less technical than in theory. It's something that you might want to listen to on your drive to work or as you're taking a jog. Or also, you know from experience a lot of a lot of people in this world are constantly traveling to conferences and workshops. So why not just down little on your phone and have something to listen to the airport is well, the groups that fund you in support you in. I think just the guests that you had to that you have quite an international footprint with what you're trying to do their do you guys specifically market to the international crowd. Just based on the. Networks that you're in. Or is it sort of organic you're sticking out there. Do you have a strategy on how you're trying to communicate this area of uptake? I mean, I think it's reflective of of Agua as a whole we are international network, and you very much market ourselves that way, but a good chunk of our membership is out of the US all my work is focused on the policy side is is very much focused internationally, and even with like a lot of our technical work that we do on kind of bottom up approaches out of Titian a lot of the workshops in everything that we're doing they're not in the US. And so we are very specifically focused more more internationally. And I think that's kind of just as a consequence of of Agua self being a very international network that being said, you know, I think there's we've done a few episodes that that have kind of stuff that is more kind of US focus that I think we could do a few more on as well. Because we do work with like US army Corp engineers, for example, you're very close partners of ours. You know, San Francisco public utility district work with them a lot. So we do have some more US based projects. But I think so far we have really tried to focus international just because I is such a global network. Yep. That the priority from the outset really was that we even though anger are based in the US. We're very much international scope in our membership is very very diverse setting..

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