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Canada, Boston, Jeff Van Gundy discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


Well i think it would be i think toronto win it and i think toronto acquit themselves well i think because because of their location in canada i don't think they get nearly enough coverage or credit they're announce standing team during the top five i think both ostensibly and defensively dewayne casey has done a masterful job in utilizing their great depth i think their bench is a strength i think because of boston's injuries and cleveland not being as good as they have been in the past it opens up the door of very well but their first round match up against the schizophrenic washington wizards is going to be a bit heroin i mean if if washington you know somehow wins one of the first two games i mean they're good i mean they may not play well all the time but they are very talented and good basketball team jeff van gundy of the worldwide leader in sports as the nba the playoffs will be tipping off this very weekend as you heard jeff and the rest of the crew there with mark jackson and mike breen will be at spurs at warriors saturday and then cavs and pacers on sunday how how do you think lebron after the season he just had can give me the scenario in which carries this team pass toronto and makes it to the finals and maybe even to the promised land jeff forget the promise land if he makes it to the finals with with this cavalier team with all they've endured their seeding they're just not as good or as talented as they have been in previous years if he's able to pull it off and get to the finals that's one of his greatest accomplishments it would be.

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