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Thank u S. A member FTSE Here's the dirt on dust. It may seem fine, but it's actually made of dead skin cells and dust mite droppings. That's where Swiffer heavy duty dusters come in with thousands of specially coated fibers to track and lock Dustin once wife. Dust can't hide on ceiling fans and bookshelves anymore. When you're done, just remove the disposable cloth and ball up that dust is gone for good. Now that you know the dirt say goodbye to the dust. Swiffer Heavy duty dusters. Stop cleaning starts. Wittering. Okay. How news time to three. Denver school board member Tay Anderson says he will return to being an active member of the board, even though an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct has not been completed. Anderson says the investigation was supposed to be limited to about 30 days or so. He tells his colleagues in the letter that No credible evidence has emerged to support the allegations, and he says he's not been arrested, charged or even contacted by law enforcement. He says the investigation has bogged down The board says it hired independent investigators and won't shut down the investigation into all the available evidence is review reporter Jerry Bell 132 income restricted condos are celebrating a grand opening in Denver Central Park neighborhood. The units ranging in price from 139 to $169,000 have already been bought by households making 60 to 80% of the area's median income. One and two bedroom units are located their RTD Central park station That's the latest I'm Susan Witkin, now impact traffic. This report is sponsored by Audible from the BET. Fred Sports Traffic Center, the highway drive around the metro area in pretty good shape, just the typical volumes flowing onto 70 through Commerce City. Also a bit sluggish on I 25 heading into downtown and some slowing on I 70 eastbound and westbound approaching Vasquez off Freeway a crash on westbound Hampton just before Santa Fe is backing things up there and delays on northbound Parker Road at Orchard because of an accident there, box 31 pinpoint whether hazy skies this afternoon some scattered thunderstorms possible. High in the low eighties will cool off to the low sixties. Overnight Tonight. It's 75 right now in Denver with your impact traffic and weather. I'm Janine Larose 6 30 K. How summer is here and audible is ready. Whether it's about road trips or just the return to your daily commute. Stream BESTSELLERS New releases great originals and podcasts, all in one app. Try it free for 30 days at audible dot com. Stuff you missed in history class is the podcast about the obscure events that shaped our world join hosts Hollie Fry and Tracy V. Wilson and dig into the strange stories from our past during the Roman era in Egypt, it was common for members of the upper class to have a mummy portraits. That was a portrait of themselves on a wooden board that would be attached to their money. Listen to stuff you missed in history class on the I Heart radio app or wherever you get your podcast, giving Injured in an auto accident is a scary thing. And you have help immediately called John Fuller.

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