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So the warden kind of concerned about the situation with a female and the other two hostages reach up and grabs one of the inmates that has a shotgun and get an struggle over a shotgun and he had made hollers hours. He's trying to get the gun. We'll eaten toward haller's hostages to run and the inmate with thirty ought six walks up behind him. Hits Him in the back of the head and he let's go with a shotgun and the inmate with a shotgun turns around and load both barrels into the warden and blows him into a ditch. Well now they think they've killed the warden. Yeah so they jump in the car all four of them they take off his. They're taking off. Here comes the warden sedan up over the top of the hill side with three correctional officers and a deputy warden inside the car. And you've got county sheriff that is headed headed in their direction and this is the middle of highway ninety two in Leavenworth. They actually engage in a gun battle or these guys are. The inmates have got thirty ought sixes and pistols and shotguns. Well they're getting shot at by five people that have Thompson Forty five caliber machine guns. I got and they actually struck the car and hit and it made by the name of we'll green was one of the escapee's hit him in the head and actually tell you how her hardheaded he was. The bullet didn't penetrate his head but it actually fractured skull so they wind up. They think they're going to get off the road into another another Back Road and they turn into the driveway of a home and here we are again mud and they bury this coupe. All all the way up to the axles and they get out and they start running towards US House more hostages. Only guy in this house believe it or not was seventy three year old farmer banana. Ms Emerson Salisbury Oldbury. And he looks sees these guys coming and he says Yup Hutton fellows and they said no. We're the we're the hunted. And they put him in. The House. alson started looking for additional weapons and trying to figure out a way out will one of them on the way up the oldest made out of the crew grover to real had told them you know we get up at House. We're not getting out of it. You might if I shake out and try to find my own way and it's like you know go do what you gotta do on. And then grow received realm got out on his own. And you've got three inmates in the house for about the next three and a half hours this house is literally bombarded with POSSE member shooting in the house. They shot tear gas into the house. Inmates are shooting back. Emerson Salisbury Seventy thirty. Three years old is in the House and he stuck and he even actually went up on the top floor of the house into the attic and started waving a white a handkerchief and they actually started shooting so you know he finally decided. Hey this is my chance. Yeah there's no prisoners in that deal so he actually slid down the way they describe it. There is a The I'm not even exactly sure how to even describe it for your listeners. He just it actually slid down a chute and went out the front door. At least three inmates were stuck in the house and there was no way out they knew there. There was no way out and from what the coroner's report read. Two of. The inmates suffered gunshot wounds one behind the left ear. One behind a writer and to the right temple. KUDA MAS like I said no prisoners in this deal here. Well that's a hell of a story you know kind of running low on time folks. You need to get this book. I as you can tell all this is one hell of a story. That's a good read and find out exactly what happened in the end. Is there any any last things you want him to look for that book and one of the things things. This book kind of describes a and it's been well received through the correctional community throughout the United States One of the if you go to Amazon and you read the comment that the guy put on there. It's actually refreshing to read a book that was written by somebody that actually worked in prison environment. Yeah instead of somebody money that writes a book about prisons. That doesn't know anything he knows about it now. It gives you the inner workings of how prisons work and it shows you how the inner workings escape will actually Take time to do how they get things in. And out of the institution how they communicate inside now the institution it'll give you the framework Of all of the characters in the book how they managed wind up in the federal prison system. Frank Nash and his crew. Neil KEESA train robbery. Thomas strangehold and Frank Francis Keating Machine Gun Kelly how they wound up after the escape some of going to Alcatraz the outcome of how they all their lives ended and how they some of them became outstanding citizen. Some of never became anything other than an inmate's enter dead or dead and Thomas James Holden actually most people don't he's not an everyday name in in criminal circles goals in today's society. Most people don't realize Thomas James hold and actually would become the very first man of replaced. FBI's most wanted list really his notoriety. As being a bad guy was well documented and Charlie Berta the driver of the car he would actually be sent to Alcatraz contrast and he was actually the last man ever to be placed in what they call the Dutch unit Alcatraz because he was such a malcontent. He he finally gets out of prison and becomes a bartender in a bar in his hometown of San Francisco where he can look out the front door the bar and see al Astra and but the whole story behind itself and how they actually purchased the barrel shoe wax and how they purchased a weapons and everything was all brought out of When I started getting interested in this book back when I first started work at a prison I started collecting anything and everything I could find about this escape which included newspaper articles? I've got pictures from the actual of the Escape Deep Network Hers News Agency photographs that I purchased through Ebay. I got this idea that you know. Hey maybe I should call the FBI guy and send them a four year request and see exactly what they send me. When you're thinking about escape that occurred eighty years prior and you're thinking well the F. B. is probably got one or two pages on it and they'll or they'll tell me Your Adalah and might did you get well? I get this letter and they tell me we're sending you were sending you pages. How much is it GONNA cost? I believe it or not. The only cost me sixty dollars. You Got Lucky. Well they cost me sixty bucks and the FBI. I got I got five envelopes. The contain twenty five hundred pages now and the box and a To compact disc of additional down pages that was amazing. They even the the investigation and some of the things. I wasn't able to because when you write a book if you're all we're ever thinking about writing a book there's things that are part heart of the book and there's things that are not part of the book and I had to decide to leave some of the some of the things out of the book that were not consequential to the escape the the actual outcome of it There were instances where they thought that the Kansas City Mafia had actually finance part of the escape. uh-huh help purchase the weapons and stuff. That didn't pan out all those leads. If all those leads that they followed down a rabbit hole that really don't pan out big investigation lack that the phones start ringing. You start rattling your informants out there and they write down everything and so he'll have a story they wanNA tell and if if interesting if anybody after ever wants to really just find out you know when you sit here and listen to Senate confirmation hearings and and these these guys talk about you know we do a form thirty two and and and we do this and and we. We don't do that. We get yourself I I did get yourself some. FBI files and see exactly how an FBI investigation works and it's amazing what you find in another thing here of two. I'll give a plug to the guys at the National Archives and Records Administration here in Kansas. City they're helpful. They're they're an amazing group individuals to work with and I've worked with many times and the inmate files for Leavenworth or actually on filed with the National Archives here in Kansas City. Devil pershing pershing road and the I went down there. 'cause I asked him I said so. Do you have the court case for when these is guys were tried for escape and they got back with me and said well you know as a matter of fact yes we do. Yeah they've got is amazing what they have and I went down to the National Archives that day. They brought the pile up from caves in Kansas City. Yeah and I was going through the court case and they actually had they except for the weapons opens. They had all of the evidence. Rally that's unusual there to find well as the evidence or anything. I was actually blown away at the fact that they had the they had. The original forged passes that the that the inmates had used to get into the main quarterly institution. They had the hotel tale registry from the Hotel in Cicero Illinois. That Frank Thomas Holden when Francis Keating and all them had Stayed in and I was looking at the registry. They were there several times while the FBI'd ahead of description and Eric how they figured out who the radius were and had pointed out where they had signed under aliases in the in the hotel. And when I was going through there I noticed that Frank Nashes alias was written underneath the name of billy for Shit Tale really and I really I really kinda found that really kind of interesting and that was one of one of the page that I included in the and a book was the fact that you know. Here you've got frank. Nash and crew masterminded an escape. They would actually lead to a very similar escape of the diller crew out of the Michigan City prison in Indiana. And I'm like you know is the ray connection between Green Evelyn for Shit being in the hotel at the same time. Yeah I probably was dull could have been there at that time. How helping them with the planned land so interesting entry? This has been great Ken this has been great. So we'll You know how to go out and find his book and and you're GonNa get a lot of bonuses in that that book and the documents and that he researched in photos and everything and his other book about Leavenworth Prison Acadia Book. It's more of a picture picture picture history of of Leavenworth and just go just go to Amazon and search the name Kenneth Lay master L. A. M. A. S. I T E R and we're GONNA wind on down here folks if you have a.

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