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Gotta be done I. Don't WanNa be out in the middle row I don't WanNa have a safety thing i. don't WanNa know steering brakes and Tires Man as my dad always. told me and it it's not running. It's you know it's fuel, timing and fuel, fire and timing I mean it's just basic fundamental. Stop you know making go were so we're checking off all the boxes and we're getting a dunk. So that's why we're here at J. and doing all these other projects to make sure that we get you know all this stuff cleared off his plate. You know we focus on the bus. Me and start at this weekend. I'll get you the list of all the stuff. We're GONNA finish now. Because this is interesting. You know the plants you know planting here Heckman. They were just like button up. And now they're footing half Paul so I'm going arrive. You'll make some food got the livestock, so they're not GonNa Starve. But you know, think about it winter. You're going to be up your shoulders and snow, but you know this is I remember. We had an exchange student from thin when she came by. She's doing a Mirka the prepping of America you know the you know. The Doomsday prepar America and she did her request for funding to do her. Thesis Give Me Money and They sent her to America toured, America, and she she. You know really enjoyed Arizona. We ought good time whether it took it out to Bob. Show you know how you can live and went through all the stop. She wanted to come back and we stayed in contact for a while, and she did this film that she does documentary. And what happened was she's going when you guys talk about prepping and they make a big deal at National Geographic Doomsday, prep, I make you know how that's how we live. Know. That's that's that's. You know that's Finland I mean. You know you make hay when the Sun Shining, and then you put it away, and you make sure that you don't have. You know. Dead. Because if you don't grow in when it's something, you got a short period of time and you better be cannon. And you better be hanging meat, you better be you better be better and if you don't while the one you dependent on the system or the government, which has been what's happening. And you could see it. And now we were talking about it and her family, and your own grandparents, and all that kind of stuff they could see. They were too dependent. Well that's what happened to the world here too dependent. So, what do you do? It'll be dependent. She'll start to be able to take care of it yourself. So the plants have been. You know. Like we just and then there's you know some people here to get. You Know Jay's busy because he's able to Derek Hill same thing and I was just every. It's like getting a pickup truck. You're everybody's friend. Hey, we need to move. I need to get this thing i. need a couch. The I need gotTa pick up truck, so these guys have got pickup trucks. And pickup truck like I can fix a pickup truck. Well, you know you're you're you're the man show or the man? Now? This has been We met a lot of other people. That are appreciative and understand what we're doing with the love bus. There are different festivals all over the place. There's a lot of things to do, and a lot of things in the south is Nicole remains shown going Iraq a rattle rat show. This is filling up, but I can't commit to anything until we got it done. So much work, you know so few of us doing so much and a, but it's broken pretty. It's ready to go, so we can you know but once I take the steering box out and the actual off. Ain't going nowhere for a week or two, so we're going to start this weekend, but don I are going to leave never gun. On. Willing To. Or Planning? From the fourth letter of Captain Mark Landlubbers are conditioned to believe that the originators of an idea deserve exclusive rights to it, but these innovators are nothing, but privateers granted a monopoly by the crown. Potential inventors are restricted from using their own property and forced to navigate a wilderness to prohibited ideas. These pattern monopolies are intellectual colonization. This alliance of means between the crown. Crown and the privateers is not an alignment of ends both collude to establish a permission culture in which everyone second guesses their own thoughts, never sure, which ideas are permissible to develop, but their objectives are different. The crown aims to cripple dissenting opinion while privateers will only be satiated when all new ideas already fall under their monopoly, the scheme does not protect our. Our information, BUT SEIZES IT AND DENIES US access. The future belongs to individuals who think speak and act freely to create and share without reservation. Join the conversation at PIRATESWITHOUTBORDERS DOT. COM, so you've signed the Shire Society Declaration and are planning your move to New Hampshire.

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