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This is all going to get resolved any character just temporary. But that depends on President Trump, and that depends on China. And it's quite possible. We could see some disturbing development cheer in which case. This would all get worse. We're speaking with Yahoo finance columnist. Rick Newman is all of this in the tariffs involving all the all the different partners. Is this all about changing the balance with China Europe to act President Trump that question? Singlehandedly driving the trade war. And we know that one thing he wants just a lower US trade deficit with most of the world. But particularly with regard to China trade deficit is around three hundred seventy five billion dollars. That's the difference between what they sell to us and we shelter them. He has said he wants that number lower. Now that is not really job to worry about the US trade deficit in China. Couldn't even you know that if they wanna kill many people have asked what is what is Trump really asking? Okay. That I actually act Kevin. Who's the chair of the council economic advisers one the top White House communists on a Yahoo? Finance program, recently, the Chinese know exactly what we want, but he won't identify what those asks are publicly. So it's like they're kind of a secret. You know of US demands. China. Forms that President Trump wants. And we don't know what those are we can squeeze them more than they can squeeze us though. Right because we just import so much more from them. That's true. In US economy is much bigger. Entities. More a much more developed economy a mortgage economy, and if help your economy because it doesn't rely on government support government government lending. In the way that the Chinese economy does relied and we've actually seen that in the stock market that Shanghai stock index is down around twenty percent this year performing poorly, whereas. Doc, pitting records. But there's a big today in a big button is president Xi Jinping of China does not have to answer to electoral politics, the way President Trump does because he's a president for life. Thanks, rick. Yahoo finance columnist..

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