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Money on WGN. The Dow closed up one hundred seventy one points today. Nasdaq up five the S and P five hundred also up five crude oil gold corn all down today. We'd soybeans were up cattle prices ended higher hog futures ended lower at the Merck. WGN traffic jam desalvo Kim mentioned it earlier that accident on the near west side involving a TA boss has Chicago avenue closed both eastbound and westbound between Morgan and holstead and the ta they are rerouting the number sixty six buses couple of crashes in Niles one at Howard and Leon another at Milwaukee in oakton, and then a couple of hints dealt Garfield at Chicago and Ogden avenue at the Tri state tollway. Edens looking good at this time, the Kennedy O'Hare into downtown twenty seven minutes seventeen in from Montrose. The outbound side just a twenty three minute trip to the airport. The Eisenhower stop and go traffic between York and Saint Charles road due to that earlier accident that had a fuel spill. And a couple of some is involved. But it has been moved out of the way it's still forty four minutes from Thorndale to the. A post office twenty and from Mannheim, your outbound trips take you twenty five demand. I'm thirty eight out to Thorndale Stevenson starting to build inbound thirty seven from three fifty five to lakeshore twenty-seven in from the tri-state outbound side already thirty two minutes to ninety four forty two to three fifty five. The Dan Ryan stop and go between canal port and the burn interchange. On the inbound side twenty minutes from ninety fifth into downtown. The outbound side twenty seven minutes out to ninety fifth slow from forty seven out to the Chicago skyway. We're starting to see travel times build on the outbound side of I fifty seven, but nothing too bad. And then on lake shore drive in earlier accident slowing things down from the oak street curve up tear down to Chicago avenue Hollywood into Monroe a seventeen minute trip. This report sponsored by Comcast. Business fast is a gig speed network that gets business done beyond fast is technology that makes business boom. Comcast business beyond fast. Take your business beyond visit comcastbusiness dot com. For personalized traffic on demand. Get the traffic Chicago app approved by the mortgage experts up team hockberg, just search T R. A F F. I X Chicago. I'm John desalvo in WGN traffic central. And.

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