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Forte, but no money down and you own it for just thirty nine per month, including your tax, tag, title, and all the fees. That's no money down thirty nine per month. And you're out the door for how about a two thousand nine hundred and Kia Sportage rental put no money down and you own it for just three forty nine a month. Same deal three forty nine your tax, tag, title, and all the fees and the best part is it's not least since your keys on the big corner of Hillsborough and Lois avenue or online anytime Kia dot com. And remember at such a key. You've got a friend in the business. Tear down offers a for eighty four. Three point nine nine eleven seventy for one dollars financed. Seven twenty higher credit by Kia Motors findings dealer retains all proper expires one thirteen nineteen at the Florida state fair. Can you wait full surprise? He's seen amazing place. Tree. Hi, he'll wait. He's a fun. Lifetime of memories. February seven you're eighteen tickets on sale now get great deals online at Florida state, fair dot com or participating public stores through February sixth bourbon Ford built for the holiday sales event is happening. Now, save thousands of MS RPM F. One fifty explorer, Mustang and escape with zero percent financing available for up to seventy two months. I select models, and we don't have what you're looking for. We'll find him. It's your last chance to save big stop by firm and four to get the best deals of the year before they're gone. Find Furman four twenty minutes from west chase downtown Tampa, Saint Petersburg, just one mile south of countryside. Molly Clearwater or online twenty four seven at fervent Ford dot com. Tickets for aqua man and Bumblebee are on sale now. Reserve yours on fandango and get a free gift with purchase was there in points with Fantasia go VIP, plus where every four tickets you buy equals five dollars for more movies. Skip the box office and head defend Tango. Now. The bone is the home of the best talented radios. Mike county show every weekday from six to ten AM to five. Were you roll radio? Named moshe?.

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