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So and you know that's a pastime of I is just to annoy you. I guess, well, we are eleven minutes if let's get into the real housewives Potomac. Tho. This week, we see just a little on going ring shopping and you know what? Again one that I love about robbing. And one is that they are very realistic. Okay. His budget for his wife. I. I wrote down because I was like. Listen I managed their okay. Because I don't think. I'll ever get married, and if I do get married and someone proposes to me that listen that's a reasonable price range for me. Okay. Outdoor is a reasonable price. You're right and that's why I like. Robin in one. They are very like they are like the doers that watched him five thousand to not have five thousand tonight nine, thousand dollars. That's a lot of money. Okay. So it was eight to ten because I wrote it down because I was Paul. It would. But I mean it was five. It was five thousand to eight, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, nine no, no, no, no no. No. No the what happened was he looked at a range around eight, nine, hundred, thousand dollars. No Sir. No Sir. And it's at fifty nine. He was like that's not fifty nine hundred and he was like, no, that's fifty nine thousand like that too much and it was any she said Ou. What are you thinking about it? He's been about eight to ten thousand and she said Oh we can do that. Thank you very much. I just finished watching the down. So I still think whatever that was was like because this is the thing. They live in a very nice not a very nice job that sort of thing. So whatever I mean like I'm not not townhouse. To. Do they. On I for me. and. That's fine. That's not your low-life band. That is correct. Bingo on through. He'd better than you know I'm just saying that he got me more too. Fast for me although I've never been married nor engage. But for me if about villa not the actual ring honestly and I'm just saying, let's let somebody shoe bring me a four hundred dollar Ring Bay I will wear it okay. Like his twenty thousand dollars. So I'm just saying for me about the is for me about the love okay. So. Keep it moving moaning. Don't don't rush me okay. So Mony is getting ready for her not so lazy MOMS podcast reveal and. So she has her godfather which I just think sill coincidental that you know she surrounding herself by beef preachers and heart the her husband's godfather happens to be a preacher and he just so is happening to get her helping her get ready for this live event and you know he is I'm just glad girl she didn't call it Livia pope they just trying to cover everything up and try to make like she so godly and so she is you know throwing a podcast. which is like the next day, and so she decides to invite some of the women. So here's where I have a problem with Monique and listen I'm not just hating because she's not my favourite character because I feel like. Okay. Shush. Shush. This is the issue that I have with her is. You know she is having a podcast event four money and you know she's like you know I really want the women to see that I've changed girl like stop the lie you want them there to drive to ticket sales one and two. I. Was all here for Robin Robin was like you know you're saying that you've changed but how can you have changed in two weeks and you still? Twitter sog about knock out. So I was here for that, and then she even with even wrote down there monique was like you know they say they want me to change but they don't even show what for me to say it's like no girl I. Don't WanNa show up to an event that you're charging money to see what change I want to the you change over time I wanted to see the evolution of you not just because the the cameras are rolling. So that's what I have to say the money but I'm sure you'll have to say something different. So go ahead. I'll let you finish because. We don't have all that era. So I'd let you have your little wrong piece of information. So So. What I wanted to say is like girl. They haven't the thing and they have every right to be assault themselves. He as they WANNA be and they don't need to show up and support you to change. So she realized that she needs to realize that she messed up. She did say that she was starting to see the error of her ways in the last episode so. She just needs to know that she's going to be in the Doghouse despite wanting to show them she's saying she can't make nobody nothing. So girl just going to eat that one I went out that I think he's always been very spiritual. I mean she's met with her pastor and his wife a couple of times on the show before he's been very spiritual I think this is. A balancing act that she had where she tries to be. You Know Godly as she tries to have perfect life and it's just a lot going on. So we see this building. Up Her trying to do everything and you know too much and it's taken its toll on her I think that's a common thing among a lot of housewives. We see even with Karen trying to do things and trying to capitalize on this new for this new platform that they have. We see Robin with the hat and robbing clearly too busy to pay her irs tech. Go. It's a recurring theme and you know it is a great opportunity beyond show like this you do want to capitalize on it and have your different products and platform. So jazz will guess what speaking of Rodman Gert Order Me Dazzle Hat. Oh. Yes. We are getting data from that maybe for the next. Five. I. Was Cute. Cute the one thing that I love about Robin Her entrepreneurism is the I love how she has her her kids helping her and I just love that I love the fact like she's like shooting a commercial and like cody her son is like the photographer I love stuff like that and so I love to see Robin or hard grind and again for me. A lot of the Times I do say like Robin is kind of Sorta like the Cynthia Bailey of this cast she's kind of in the middle but I have to say I like robbing a lot more than I like Cynthia Bailey Hill also real quick shout Cynthia Bailey she just got married last week meaning was not in attendance although she was invited but. On being for that one of the first of all, you not wishing we'll we're what we're not going to do is come for. Let's say we're not coming. Let me on this lapse Oh liberal. So keep a let. down. Listen So. Little. Girl I'M A. Lady. Yaounde's it's like. Keeping. Keeping it low moving. So then we can in Ray, they're going to a life coach slash counseling with all here for yes. Normalizing black after. People. Fleeing misses something that I always encourage my mom because I feel like my mom has a lot of like childhood trauma that she takes on us and I'm always like mom no matter how old you are you? Always like I feel like counseling something bad can help and so barb is always on the fence about that My mom is from the school of like our pray about it. Very much. So for prayer and spirituality, but I'm just like prayer. Is a form, but you can also have multiple from worms but. So, we care array going to therapy Abou- you know their marriage and their breakdown and I was actually really like encouraged by Karen actually say like, I feel like I would be remissed. If I didn't say that during your tax time, I, held you up and I never really got thank you and I thought it was really a lap for ray to be like. In the past no improper like or not I still want to thank you and so I just loved and. You would like dish point out that. He got her. Thank you. She dig her. Thank you. So I was just kind of curious like did you feel it was sincere like I don't know like sometimes shows I'm always like this year shit we had this conversation prior but I, think he got hooked up good after the last little counseling session. And he came to centers because she basically pulled it on them and so issues correct like I think he was but it seems like the way that you brought it to him..

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