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A source briefed on the investigation tells. Abc news. federal prosecutors. Wanted to do this last fall but their request was denied by the trump justice department. Because it was too close to the election last year. Giuliani dismissed speculation. He was seeking a presidential partly. Anyone is your response to claims that you're seeking apart not according to giuliani's lawyer. Federal agents were looking for information related giuliani's activities in ukraine and twenty nineteen when he was attempting to get the ukrainian government to investigate. Joe biden's son hunter. They're also looking to see whether he was also acting as a foreign agent on behalf of clients in ukraine. Giuliani has long insisted he has just been fighting the good fight for donald trump. I started my career. And maybe i'll end it rooting out corruption at the highest levels of government but now he finds himself investigated by the us attorney for the southern district of new york. A high profile post where giuliani himself made his name. The bar forgetting a search warrant for a lawyer especially a lawyer for the president of former president of the united states is high prosecutors. David would have had a convinced. Judge that the search would likely produce evidence of a crime. Meanwhile jury giuliani's lawyer saying quote that prosecutors are trying to make rudy. Giuliani look like a criminal. David giancarl on the developments involving rudy giuliani and john. We'll see here for coverage of the president just shortly. Now see them. In the meantime the corona virus here in the us in the push to vaccinate millions of americans who have yet to get the shot and tonight here the new study gun pfizer and moderna and seniors showing the vaccines are ninety. Four percent effective at preventing hospitalizations among those sixty five and older. Here's even pilgrim tonight. The country vaccination sides running out of willing arms in philadelphia a push to get through four thousand doses of the pfizer vaccine before it expires tomorrow. I don't wanna do it. But i'm going to do it because i want to go see my grandson and my daughter. E comes as a new. Cdc analysis of real world data the pfizer vaccines shows that fully vaccine dolts. Sixty five and older are ninety. Four percent less likely to be hospitalized with covid nineteen still. Many people. don't want a vaccine. I heard a lot of stuff. And i'm afraid with the push to get everyone sixteen and over vaccinated a tragic reminder of the threat for those who are still unprotected in hawaii. A boy under the age of ten vacationing with his family died. After getting the virus health officials say the child who had underlying health conditions began showing symptoms. Shortly after arrival his parents were vaccinated and had tested negative before traveling overall cases across the country are dropping just a month after the. Cdc director warned of impending doom today. A hopeful tone. We think that this is related to increase vaccination increase people taking caution and so i'm cautiously optimistic. That we're turning the corner and in philadelphia. They were able to get through a thousand at least thousand of those doses today. But they again. Those vaccines will expire tomorrow. David pilgrim here in new york tonight. Even thank you do develop into the case that made national headlines a federal grand jury today charging three men with federal hate crimes and attempted kidnapping in connection with the death of arbery in georgia are berea black man jogging and in neighborhood when he was shot and killed last year. Let's get right to our chief. Justice correspondent pierre thomas following late developments tonight. Peer federal charges being brought with the justice department making stark and sobering allegations. Prosecutors claimed armored arbery is dead because of his race they claimed it was simply jogging. Jogging on a public street was targeted kidnapped fatally shot. Because he's a black man father and son gregory and travis mcmichael and their friend. William bryant tonight are charged with federal hate crimes including attempted kidnapping and firearms offenses. The men also face state murder charges but tonight the justice department's weighing in legend arbery civil rights were violated david. White pierre thomas. Who's been following this case for months. Pierre thank you for the first time. We are now hearing from one of the jurors who convicted derek chauvin of murdering george floyd telling us he did not feel pressure to find chauvin guilty that he and the other. Juries studied the evidence and the one charge says that took them the longest and what he revealed about the jury wishing derek chauvin had taken the stand. But the juror told our robin roberts. And here's abc's alex price. Tonight the jury. I will now read the verdicts tonight for the first time. We're hearing from one of the jurors who convicted derek chauvin of murdering george. Floyd i wanna start off. I send my condolences to the floyd family. Juror brandon mitchell. Speaking to our robin roberts on gm may about that gut wrenching video of chauvin pinning floyd at the neck. What was the impact of that. Nine minute twenty nine seconds video and was that the difference maker seeing the multiple angles over from the body cans from the other. The other cell phones It was probably the most important piece of evidence to understand. The mitchell says. The jury relied heavily on testimony from dr martin. Tobin the prosecution's expert on lung function and breathing by him saying like when the last breath was from his respective All of us when it came time to deliberate mitchell. Saturday disgust each charge individually revealing. It was that third degree murder charge that took the longest to agree on and it was one person that was still kind of like they were unsure. They were like maybe does maybe it. Doesn't they needed more time to say with it and to talk about it. Find the defendant guilty. The jury would find shelving guilty on all charges. Mitchell banker in highschool coach also sharing the toll that the trial process took on jurors. He says he became emotional. And floyd's brother took the stand. I shed some tears mukarram. Nobody notices. Because i lifted my mask of high to wear caught my tears. I really felt like that could have been me. Could have been my brother and david. Despite all of the protests mitchell says they focused squarely on the trial and the evidence in front of them he says some jurors hope to hear directly from chauvin himself but he ultimately chose not to testify. David or alex. Prager thanks to you tonight. There is also news this evening about the deadly police shooting of andrew brown junior elizabeth city north carolina. A judge today blocking the release of that police body camera video for at least a month while authorities conduct their investigation..

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