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No question about that. But 92 murders 500 people shot Ah, there aren't a lot of traffic tickets being written. When I talked to my friends in the courthouse, There's no trials being conducted. Everything stopped until sometime in March. Witnesses aren't showing up. The grand jury is proceeding just barely. The federal court system is largely shut down. So even if you arrest somebody, they're going to get out immediately. And if they get out time is waived because of covert 19, which means it can't be a trial. It just looks to me like all hell's breaking loose. Well, really, That's probably good for your business. When hell is breaking loose people turn into the big point. No question. I will. Good luck to you, Sergeant Dan Hills. We'll see what happens. But with your permission, I'm gonna quiz the mayor. And then he's got to get ahold of Health Department is the white cops or ignored when it comes to shots, because whether it's Butler County or Kenton County or Harmony County or Switzerland, County cops aren't getting the shots and there's no there's no anger and the cops themselves aren't saying, Hey, wait a minute, Sergeant Dan, you got to give me the shot. And they just accept the inevitable, But we got really. I think there's a phenomenon there counselor kind of getting a little used to be indeed, non by the public, So maybe that's one of the things that's happened yet. But please quiz They're currently he's an elected official. And that Z job is the answer to us the public Well, I will tell him the cops are very can I tell him on your behalf? The cops demand action. Man action. Yes, sir. It sounds like a good way to go. Sergeant Dan Hills. Thank you very much. You see that? Let's continue with more later on with scheduled the mayor. Let's see what occurs. I'm gonna ask him that question. I was when I When I heard Sheriff Jones the other day talk about the hiss CEOs and deputy sheriff dealing with individuals. And then I asked the mayor, I asked the governor of the question. How come Cops or not prioritized was about 65,000 cops of one type or another and the state of Ohio. And the answer is well. There's not much of a death rate among those officers and therefore I have a very limited supply unlimited demand. I have to target it. But he said, he's essentially we give the shots to the counties or to the health department and they can do what they want. The only way a cop gets a shot is that at the end of the day, someone says, Hey, we got two doses left us look around anybody else and then you call the police department. They come in. Is that the way things should be I don't know, but it's the way things are. So let's continue with more of a line becomes available. 513749 £7000.700 new 18 T also lay down his Melanie Bates from the school board to talk about what's happening. The city of Cincinnati. Things getting better things getting worse. Why don't teachers go back to work? I want to go back to work in the city, one of the suburbs and in Catholic schools. It's been that way since September and in March when all hell broke loose about Almost a year ago, most of the Catholic parochial school stayed in business and found a way to get through it. And the public schools in Cincinnati did not. And why is that? And Cincinnati look a little bit too. You like the city of Chicago, which is a disaster. Those continue with more of the great American. Your comments of any 513749 7000. Plus tomorrow we've scheduled on Nicole Frederick Was an advocate for the students in the city, Cincinnati as to what's happening there, and more bill cutting him the great American lives at your home of the Reds, Hopefully, playing baseball beginning of April 1st on NewsRadio, 700 wlw. It's how we express our thoughts now. Concerns and our feelings. Talkie.

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