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Started his career he was doing coffee ads ten second coffee ads on television with puppets and he said this i thought so interesting because i i read a bunch of biographies about him because he's very interesting because he really did do innovative stuff that had never been done before with puppets and like when you think of puppetry and and what we see and entertainment today i think we owe a great debt of gratitude to jim and and his wife as well jane but what he said was as he said that he never really did anything original and when he accepted some award for like puppeteer of of the year he credited this guy named burt tillstrom who i'd never heard of before but if you you can find that this was like you know one of the pioneers of basically putting puppets on tv and jim said that burtel shrimp did more for puppets and television than he ever did and what i just think that's interesting right because like you we have a guy named jim henson who seems seems to innovated this form except that it didn't you know any borrowed from bunch of other people and when he was in college he was making the equivalent of seven hundred fifty thousand dollars a year off this little business that he and jane started and he was like yeah but i want to be an artist he didn't even think of what he was doing is our and so he's like you guys take care of the business jane and a friend that he interest with the business and they're basically doing commercials with puppets and he goes to europe for six weeks and he keeps saying these puppet shows where adults and children are attending them together and they're not just for kids and has his lightbulb goes oh i'm gonna steal that like we're gonna we're gonna make you know we're gonna make entertainment that initially appeals to kids but also has dealt humor in it in which is i mean happens a lot now these days where both parents and gets go and watch something about equally entertained because of the you know the different layers that are happening and and you know you've got this guy where he just goes throughout his life and he's doing quote unquote innovative stuff but the way he's doing it is by stealing from other people but he's not coopting it and a dishonest replayed ristic way he's borrowing from different influences and he's rearranging those influences to create something that we call quote unquote original and i i think the job of an artist is to curate i think you're austin cleon talks about the steal like an artist i think i think the word of steel it's not borrow what do you bar something you give it back you're not giving it back you're taking it you're you're like you're internalizing it and making your own making your own which is stealing and then you're reshaping it and so i think if you're doing that with one person you're copycat doing that for multiple sources you are an artist i love it thank you so much your time let people know two things one where they confessed connect you to where they can find out about the new book thanks mitch it's always fun to talk to you and i love your thoughtful questions give me thinking so.

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