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Two thousand nine he will let sammy sosa back it is organization but he under his watch hired many maria ramirez the be hitting coach a rattled to be is hitting coach hired manny ramirez who did nothing for the cubs nothing did nothing for the gods he hired him to be is hitting coach but refuses to allow sammy sosa who did everything for the cubs back into the organization kick saving at labrador joe on twitter who had a worse we get marcus williams are chris sent sixty seven percent of the audience said markeith loyd while number forty six this time right yes is chris ready to go up again them said he's having a very long conversation with allison right now or is he set the gal i mean seriously the cubs man i'm in without sammy sosa there might not be any chicago cubs he saved the cubs he is the cubs and this guy ricketts will not allow back into the organization christened joins us now he did not according to our audience have a worse weekend the markets volume sixty seven percent of the audience says that markets williams had a wars weekend increased sam's christened joins us to reveal his forty six best quarterback in the nfl how'd you experience the weekend chris man i thought it was an awesome weekend job and period of the four game are great and uh i really enjoyed it you know the thing people think like i don't like jacksonville or something through the you know the point started with me saying jacksonville was the best football team in the nfl yeah so i root for them ahdab with amazing i really do i re i have a a man crushed on jacksonville and the way they play and how physical and all that but it was awesome get met people thought i had a bad weekend they're crazy well i mean you've got torched on twitter you really did like people i know you.

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