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Been over the last eight years. Yeah. Well, Greg, I would totally agree. And I think to add to that it's one thing to build a program into a contender. It's an entirely different ball of wax to sustain one over a consistent period of time. You always hear coaches talk about consistency or urban Meyer is not only been able to attain consistency. He's been able to a team consistent conference in national championship contention everywhere that he has banned. And I also believe he will go down and college football is one of the greatest talent Valla valuate evaluators in terms of recruiting that we've seen in our to that point Luke's look at what he has done this year along with Ryan day who will be the head coach after today. We'll look what they've done with twain Haskins first year starter Haskins leads the nation in several passing categories. And if he comes out in the NFL draft in two thousand nine hundred and he could be the first quarterback taken he'd be mind. If I was a talent evaluator at that level. I I just look at his upside and the probably would be best served coming back. But knowing that this year's quarterback crop in the NFL draft is so diluted he would probably be the first quarterback taken. And I'm not sure there would be much of a debate surrounding it. Now. He'd be best served. Once he gets to an NFL franchise sit out a year allow him to kinda learn develop and work on becoming a pro. But as far as talent ceiling is concerned there's few that have a higher one Dwayne Haskins in Greg when when you look at what he accomplished this year.

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