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People, watching come by and hang out with us we'll hops beers we'll talk some. Football will make. Fun of people will do it up in honor of STAN. Lear who is one of the big Chicago, Bears fans when the biggest, bear fans are going to. See, anywhere. In Indiana happy sixty four, th birthday to. The late great Walter Payton now Walter Payton would? Have been. Sixty, four. Years old today and I'm not a bears. Fan? I've never been a bears fan quite frankly I? Make fun. Of quite, a few, of. The bears fans, but I still think it was garbage that Walter Payton Never got a touchdown in that blowout Super. Bowl, that's, the bears had. Against the patriots. Now Ari is been whining all the time are jumping the microphone because it Packers fan? I know, that's not on the Super Bowl you didn't score touchdown you won the SuperBowl what more would, you rather have score and lose the Super Bowl no if you can line up and give William the refrigerator Perry. A defensive lineman the football and the goal line and not the. Guy that the all time leading rusher in the NFL that's been with that franchise from, day one if you can't see that's wrong then you're as dumb as you. Want now I. Have no. Sympathy he has a Lombardi trophy he's got a ring I'm not gonna sit here and, say poor Walter Payton I'm not saying poor Walter. Pain I'm just saying that's Bush league Mike Ditka dick has got, to find a way to get Walter Payton in the end. Zone, I I I don't really agree I think you do because you're panther Spanish and you. Don't know what you're talking about you hate. The bears so much you've got this blind rage against them, that I could say anything no no that's absolutely wrong Because I'm a millennial and. I'm, upset, all the time That's horrible You're leaving our show you leaving this show is going to be the best thing that happens. To, us well. That's good, because Nigel I, have announcement we're starting. Our own For those of you that don't know Ari. His, accepted a. Different role within the organization, here Ninety-three WIBC and We'll be? Here, longer in the day but leaving around the time that we start, correct already do I. Have the right yes. I will not be on doing the. Daily producing for hammer Nigel but I'll be here you'll be a. Producer I'll be helping out behind the scenes I'll be still going out and doing. The man on the street bits team coverage here at WABC are we'll Missy here in the studio every day you know you've been since I figured as much you've been with us since the. Night show starting, January February twenty seventeen that on a journey to afternoon drive. So, you've, been, with a sense then and. I wanna, see you know Kyle wells is now going to be the, in studio producer, taking over we welcome. Him, as well but Ari it's been a. Good ride I'm glad you're advancing within the company will still be around hang out you guys spear sample Friday? Rally still make an appearance of those, scavengers. To. Come, in. Here like. Kyle wells the vulture comes in here, to drink the beer on Friday well congratulations I it's. A really cool promotion you? Got, and you get to get yelled at by Tony cats now instead, of me that's where. You're going yes I. Will be with Tony cats today so. If you hear Tony screaming throughout the halls almost like are you. Doing all three hours in the afternoon all three hours late morning early afternoon sir. Alrighty well congratulations my friend Coming up next the recording everybody's losing their. Mind about the, recording the Trump Cohen tape if you scroll through Twitter everybody's. Saying, that's. It, ballgame impeachment here we go. Get ready, president pets get that seat ready but when was Twitter right, so we've got, the audio we're gonna. Play, it for you if you haven't heard. It stick around we're going to have the highlights low lights and somebody get the Mana coke that's coming up? Next it's the hammer and Nigel show, right. Here. At, ninety..

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