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Fifty three points hi Patrice the court the Bloomberg news room on news radio seven hundred W. L. W. all right check our driver here should be judged her it is on the blog today check this out I think it's up there but I'll go look slip and slide it was little light is right so loosely yeah these guys added a loop hot wheels and beets slip makes I think Zach Lee what it is off basically a lot of Livin slides together with this loop in the middle guy eagles flying through it to us and then you get dumped into a pool at the end nice it's the best weapons light ever are gonna turn my face to look it up meanwhile traffic what to do and it's not pretty there's a lot a slip and slide going on to make do with the wet roads from the usually help traffic center you see health Westchester hospital nationally recognized for providing superior medical care in outstanding patient experiences on wet roads having something to do with quite a few accidents southbound seventy five crews working one on one with one on the right now it's at one twenty nine just clear the wreck near union center two one east bound to seventy five the first attempt call rate the seconds after Hamilton and it's slow in between the two on north bound seventy one crews are working with the wreck on the right that's near Kenwood road and there's a wreck on hundred Plainfield a no brainer Purcell slow traffic west to seventy five Milford to Montgomery a north bound for seventy one from grant north bound seventy five packs up pants buttermilk Chuck Ingram newsradio seven hundred W. O. W. forecast we have for showers this morning maybe thunderstorms this afternoon.

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