A new story from Skip and Shannon: Undisputed


Through the screen quarterback a wave p game listed rookie guy wide receiver excuse me and then it felt a little more sabotage that in the super bowl game he chooses not to play malcolm butler a single down a single down the whole super bowl end you give up forty one points to the backup quarterback of the philadelphia eagles while meanwhile your quarterback is throwing for the most yards in any playoff game in history any playoff not super bowls in any playoff game ever and he's putting up what was it thirty three points the most ever a loser it ever score in the super bowl but he lost so if i'm robert kraft i i will try to see these two down in the bahamas or wherever some neutral site where you get them away and get him in a a quite setting peaceful setting and i'm going to closely observe how bella check reacts to brady and if i don't like what i'm hearing because he is a proud warrior of a man himself constantly if i don't like what i'm hearing i know what i would do i would fyrom as what i would do and i know you say that's insane but i don't think it's going to work going forward and i would not love with that man had done to my franchise in the garoppolo trade and with malcolm butler they're so out of bounds they're so rebellious to me he's rebelling against the mandate and that's what i would do again can you replace bill but no you can't but i'm going to pick the quarterback over the coach 'cause i think to quarterback has at least three more mvp caliber seasons left in that body of his father that's what i went for how many times have we seen this story play out all right right and so you say the referee craft so let's take the referee all right what do you think the referee is saying that he say it every offseasons did that this term will sit out okay wailing cures all things all finger obviously if they'd won the game if they win this game malcolm butler never brought up no these never wrote up.

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