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And i think i think so. This is james this is your this is your definition of what outright is gosh. Yeah for the sake of this conversation. The yes okay. Oh you know Vincent james and nick are there. And then jake wall and all their friends What's what's the big. Obviously beat alaska. But i guess kill stream will be on there and there's probably ten other people you could say michelle malkin's probably there. I like this. So i mean we'll see we'll see the the end of the game. Okay so your definition is it's it's a shifting line. Currently it is to the right of charlie kirk. I still disagree. You're saying this is the end of someone like michelle malkin. I think this is good for michelle malkin for at least her or like her income like like what she stands to make incomewise great so we got a debate now so i don't think so. I think they're going to be a have a big crackdown. I think as soon as joe biden gets in there's going to be a hate speech task for pushing place. They're going to be working with visa. They're going to be working to pay all they're going to be working with twitter. They're going to be working with facebook. You know we've seen basically video after video where big tech is sitting down with congress and key and you know left-wing congress's like what are you doing to combat hate speech. What are you doing to down on domestic terrorism. What are you doing to stop white. Nationalism from rising what are you doing. You're not doing it you're doing off. You're not doing enough and you know we did have some pushback in the past from the white right-wing legislators well. What are you doing to protect free speech. Who made you the boss. What why are you against conservatives. And that's gone. that is fucking gone. Like trump has gone the conservatives have lost the house. They've lost the senate. They've lost the presidency. The pushback is gone and so now the focus of the american government working with big tax will be to crack down on hate speech as they put it. We we brief interlude. So do you think someone like nick winters and other people like him. I in fact. Interestingly enough. I think everybody that you've labeled like people who are the right of charlie kirk wanted be banned. No no they wanted the senate to be lost. Only that's interesting. Could you explain that to me. Because i don't know they explicitly said so. Nick what is explicitly said. Do not vote for these senators. Who are up for reelection or the senators who did see that in the in the run-up georgia right. They're like don't show up. Y'all vote do not support these people. Because is this is something that you were saying is part of why it is the end of these people so you think that they will. Well what is your no. I totally think the wrong. What is a reasoning behind that. Move while they say that These these politicians did not support them. They're they're like they're wet paper. They do absolutely nothing. So why would you vote for them. Create an illusion of support for your cause and create an illusion of Things that people on their side want happening. I mean okay. So without without the wet paper with the veneer the thin thin thinly-veiled idea of protecting free speech. It just becomes a mealy office. We don't have it at all. I think i think in the next four eight years. I mean do. I don't know biden. We'll do eight years but Certainly four we've got ahead of us have liberal government You know i think the..

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