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Best of the weekend, Ohio State in blown out and second the Panthers late in the fourth quarter, comeback against the eagles. All right. Well, thank you, David and no need for anything. Other than that. A lot of people. It was like the Cowboys in Ohio State. It feels like that's part of, you know, somebody's best that the Cowboys loss and or Ohio State lost. I was going to read you something from Pat forty who covers college football for yahu, and he was talking about Ohio State in the column is what's wrong with Ohio State. He says in the face of adversity, the buckeyes lacked poise, they lacked resilience. They lacked a plan b, they lack daring. They don't lose scratching and clawing. They lose rolling over. He's right. Ohio State didn't go down fighting in that game. In my opinion. Net fourth-quarter and Purdue made plays. I mean, that was that's their Super Bowl. They have one of these winds. It feels like, you know, every other decade and give them credit because this team that lost eastern Michigan earlier in the year, but they, they had momentum of Ohio State ran up numbers. I can't have my quarterback throwing seventy times. It's not a record you want and curb streets said that during the game, Herbie will join us in the final hour of the show, but Purdue getting the win. And that's a big win. I also I don't know anything other than what I'm telling you. What I see. I would be concerned about even Myers health. He just not look healthy and I know there's been a lot on his mind. A lot of things that happened earlier in the season prior to the start of the season in itself inflicted, but he doesn't look healthy. And why was watching real time when he collapsed on the sidelines there. And at the time I think they said, oh, I think he ran into a cameraman. This a couple of weeks ago. So I don't know. I just I watched it and I, he just doesn't look healthy there but Purdue produce deserve the win in Ohio State sorta rolled over the apple that was a full field. Storming, you looked at the stance about eight minutes after it was over, and there were about four people left in the stands who decided not to rush appealed. Big ten does not have the fine for students. Rushing the field SEC does it's conference by conference, so produce not in trouble for us in the field. I was thinking right away going as soon as I saw it, I'm going well that's worth one hundred thousand dollars going to start gofundme me. Do they deserve that? Brush? Mclovin what poll question we're going today? Okay. How about this one? Which headline is least surprising that Blake Bortles employs in Jacksonville, Jason Garrett. It will be criticized for his play calling Patrick Mahomes rewrite to record book the Rams or the last undefeated team or that the bills have one of the worst offenses in the NFL history literally. A, that's not an exaggeration, which one would you not seen coming into the season. Did you see Bortles? That's kind of the question. I didn't know it would be this bad where you get benched because I thought that you know the defenses good. And although I didn't like the fact that they didn't have great skill position guys as far as wide receivers with four net back there, you know that. I mean, that's that really is the key. When you run the football and you limit his throws to twenty or less than you're going to win games with that defense more phone calls coming up, Chris Webber on the Lakers rockets fight and Kirk herbstreit a little bit later on. Football season is here, and no one covers football like God cast one sports net. We've got you covered on a daily basis with Dan, Patrick rich Eisen. This might be just a walk in a park RJ bells during preview and Ross suckers fantasy feast podcast. They're just creating more work for me at this point. We also have Jim Harbaugh with a tacky each day and revenge the jocks with Martellus Bennett.

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