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So now after after thirty years and sitting there and seeing it all and being through the ups and downs. Your biggest highlight the time when you felt on top of the world as a Yankee. Slash. Broadcaster fan. Your highlight your biggest moment in the last thirty years with the team. If there is one. Is it impossible to to pinpoint one, but I think the year nineteen ninety six is always been my favorite Yankee year and after they got knocked out of the playoffs on the fifth and final game in Seattle, great playoff series, ninety five. They hire Joe Torry and we have been friends in Atlanta, but I- broadcast there. And so here was, you know, buddy coming over as manager. I was very close to them. Then the the team wasn't really expected to do anything and everything they did was magical, got into first place on may first and held it all year long. And and then the playoffs they were in in the seventh inning about it every game, and they stays rally after rally. And obviously they won went onto win the World Series. They had three games as Lanta that you're in the World Series. One was more sensational and the other. So I say that was the first time, and I always wanted to ring and I was with the nets when they won the last ABA championship and they didn't have money. Roxanne's is a rain. Yeah. Yeah. So I had to wait all the time. Now is ninety six about twenty years later, and I got my first Yankee ring, and I thought that year was absolutely phenomenal. How about that? Billy milky Oni on that team. Then that, yes, how, how about that? Yeah, a lot in those days, you know, nowadays, you see eight coaches on the sidelines well, and those days it was, you know, Kevin lottery who's one of my best buddies was coaching the team. So that was why that was so memorable and Billy was like a player coach for an assistant. I know you only assist is different is different world. The different and boy is a different world in every way. Absolutely. Yeah. Okay. So that that that was a big, you know, I always been. I've always been a big huge Joe Torry fan from heck from his playing days. And I always thought he managed with dignity and he handled everything with class, and he was really the kinda guy that you would wanna play for and the kind of guy you looked up to. No question. So. Let me guess. One of the most heartbreaking moments is when the poor Yankees were leading three, nothing in the SOX came back and won four to three and then went on to win the World Series. That must've drove New Yorkers crazy. Oh, I'm sure it did. Ironically, ironically, after the, he's won two games in Yankee Stadium. They went to Fenway and they scored, they scored twenty runs. And if they had this read this break. That break, they probably would have scored twenty five runs. So they had a three, nothing lead and they lost to Heartbreakers have given the Red Sox credit for coming back. They lost to Heartbreakers and I told my booth mates my Charlie sign. It was working with me an engineer named Brian Ferguson, and I told them the answer, not gonna win the series they've run out of pitching. So actually when they went back to the stadium and the Red Sox won games three of six and seven to win the series. I, I wasn't surprised at all because you know, baseball is predicated so much on pitching your pitching and they're pitching and I knew the Yankees had run out of pitching and Boston with big Papi and Manny Ramirez had great offense team. So so that actually it was terrible for New Yorkers in Yankee fans, that cetera, but I saw it coming so it didn't. It didn't surprise me at all. The. Your favorite Yankee team. In the thirty years, not necessarily the most successful or just the favorite. Your favorite team to cover on a daily basis that you enjoyed the most? Well, without question it was ninety six ninety six. I mean first of all, they won the World Series Sangley you know, the manager, you know, Joe, is there twelve years made the playoffs twelve years and basically on the road every night after the game, we would have dinner. So I I felt like I was boy is that changed?.

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