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Hotline. Now, here's your host, Mike Miller, odd, Kigoma wax. Yes, folks. Welcome and thanks for stopping by. We'll be taking a good Garni straw shortly. But if you have any questions concerns or comments about your house plants about some siege of bought about bulbs, Bob, whatever three one four four three six seven nine hundred or one eight hundred nine to five eleven twenty with us questions comments or concerns Mr. Keller before you take off. I was looking at the internet, and I saw that the Oscar Mayer wiener mobile they need. Some drivers hiring drivers. Right. So I was curious would that be something you'd be interested in? I don't know. That's a good question. Because you know, I don't know what goes into those things, and it would be fitting that I would go in there. Well, there's somebody that in that office down. There were all the on air people have their desk and the talent. All of that. Okay. But somebody has an Oscar Mayer Weiner of side, do they? Yeah. Well, maybe they're applying. And that's what you get when you apply. No Maria Akina was saying she might do that. Because he's always wanted to be an Oscar Mayer Weiner. Sometimes the internet is really kind of entertaining like this crazy thing. Yeah. Time the stuff is just too depressing. It gets depressing for sure, but yeah, we can talk about the wiener mobile all the better, right? And one other thing I was just curious when you do the news you get to pick the stories that you're going to feature. Not usually. Oh, that's what Greg is doing in there. And that's our news editor does it from here on I will ride during morning during the total information AM. No that's done by an editor. Although I will make changes once in a while. I was just curious. Yeah. Very good. All right. Thanks. Okay. Good luck answering all this cold weather, flower questions. Right. The sun's coming out. I'm gonna run outside and check it out. Right. Well, folks on Saturday morning, we get together. And we have a round table discussion about what's impacting your backyard your side.

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