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They say were they were having an ongoing argument with and they were armed with a handgun in an ar fifteen assault rifle police say the kind used in the two thousand twelve a war movie theater shooting this happened saturday evening on kennedy street near eden northeast detective lieutenant dennis rosenbaum says mitchell legally owned the air fifteen because he's not permitted to have a handgun in the state of pennsylvania was charged with aggravated assault violation of uniform firearms act he was also charged with steph because gun was stolen from his mom safe now the twelve year old rosenbaum says pointed the air fifteen at someone in the car he faces aggravated assault and firearms offenses mitchell was charged with carrying illegal firearm reckless endangerment end the corruption of a minor the handgun like you said was lou legally owned and was locked up but police believe that the pair new where that key was and that's how they access the gun steve person joe hansen roundup thank you for that i'm looking at possible reforms some pennsylvania state lawmakers are talking about public safety backers including proposed bills related to guns and gun ownership in the commonwealth it is the first of four days of hearings by the house judiciary committee covering the story joining us on reporter's roundup kyw steve tau asleep tell us more well an even number of republican and democratic lawmakers steve or lined up to testify rather than gun control advocates are gun rights supporters among them state rep todd stevens of montgomery county pushing a red flag bill the temporary remove guns from people suspected of being threats to themselves or others like a protection from abuse order a preliminary order could be granted immediately if there was sufficient evidence of danger other lawmakers steve say there is also more support now for universal background checks on gun sales can we read anything into what this may say about the changing climate on bills related.

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