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A tragic end to the school week sixth-graders fatally struck by septa bus Philadelphia. Frankford section that story from KYW's. Andrew Kramer, Philadelphia. Police say a twelve year old boy ran right in front of the route twenty five bus. He was rushed to Saint Christopher's hospital and pronounced dead. This happened just before three thirty in the afternoon outside of Warren g Harding middle school, Philadelphia. School district spokesman Lee wack, tell CBS three. It's not going to be easy relaying the message the students that one of their classmates as dies extremely difficult to have that kind of communication for any person. It is even more challenging for a young person. And so that that is something that we know that we as a school community have to come together and support each other the school district says grief counseling will be provided over the weekend. Septa says video from the bus will be examined as part of the investigation. Andrew, Kramer, KYW NewsRadio tonight. Philadelphia police are looking for the driver who pulled a gun and. Then shot at another driver during a road rage incident. The story from KYW's Mike Dougherty. It was a little after noon on Tuesday when a car cut off another near cruise town road in Albion avenue, by penny pack park, then words were exchanged Lieutenant Dennis Rosenbaum says a passenger in a Pontiac grand prix spit at the other car and then both went their separate ways. But it wasn't over yet. Right near Langdon street. They sold the car again. And this time the driver was waving a gun out of the car, obviously, they stop because they were in fear and the driver then fires his shot directly at them. A shell casing was recovered in..

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