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Cheat them on the left side stops spins back door. Now. Martin's got it. He makes everything gophers state Dora cheat them and now Edwards passing around the perimeter. Edwards up top a cheat them on the left wing. He little shake close by trying to wrap around pass tried to get it. But in the lake and instead it ends up at the state bench. I mean, he's got to shoot the ball. He's six foot nine. He's got parasol on them. Would you shoot the ball? Try to make a very difficult pass and sailed into the ASU bench. Dyson the ball in the right elbow puts it on the floor now backs out to the wing area. The middle suing on the left wing Justice. The quarter hairstyle. Lost the handle turns it over Martin, Scott. Weaving his way through now exhilarated through the pain and feeds coming for the left side elevates and flushes that gets the crowd into it. Thirty four thirty Cal still with the lead crowd still on their feet. That's what happens when you have a live ball turnover. Nonetheless, all stays in play in transition. That's their game. Hairston Bradley on the right wing. Austin scott. Back into the paint. Someplace to go flip out. Harris. Dyson fact, often shock at five. Shake rome. And van over didn't get shot off shot clock violations. Two turnovers to start the second half. So here we go with that inability to score to start a second half. It's just been a recurrent problem. Got at least get some shots up. And the pushing defensively state pushing Peres Boston out is working well for the sun devils hurting the bears offense. Now, Martin's got the ball down cheetah baseline, EP lake who flies through the lane and flushes it down. And he'll go to the free throw line for one more. This is the start that Arizona state needed. And it's the start that the bears needed to prevent. And they haven't to dunks cow two turnovers. Doin hairstyle and comes out of the ball game. And Darius mcneal. Get a better ball handler into a game right now. Lake at the free throw line. Trying to get the sun devils to within the one. Thirty four thirty three just the way in the second half. All going right for zone state. The bears weather. The storm. Bradley with the ball is up top elevate shoot. Add connects Matt Bradley with a big shot. Well, he's the guy that's more than willing to take it. He's got a great stroke. Good elevation to thirty seven thirty three Edwards. It up gets it back shake up top drives right gets room right over van over rattles around and down two point game. Thirty seven thirty five bears. Still with the lead son doubles closing in just go with a high screen on the upside defender in Connor doesn't step up a good shooter. Like Edwards is going to take that twelfth thirteenth Florida. Deal on the right side of his back middle Radley's got it by door. That dribbling goes to McNeil on the left wing. Stop to match seven-match driving down the lane. And it's gonna be a foul. Deck hard. Silence. Got foul. Also hit the ground hard. We've had people flying around hitting the four hard today. Physical game guys given up their bodies. There's Paul Austin will inbound on the baseline. Paris goes over the top trying to get into Bradley. Get around something better than that. I mean, Matt rallies trying to seal off going door to door disa- tremendous athlete trending over him. And so fortunately out of bounds off as you Austin's. Got the ball on the right side van over con over Bradley on left wing that started by dork trench shake free elevates. He throw line. Jumper too strong cheater with the board. They'll bring it up for ASU shake goes round, Bradley and a whistle. That's week really week. That's a week ago. A off not a shot but going to be a turnover called Darius. Break bears still leading thirty seven thirty five sixteen thirty to go second half. Martin inbound top everybody to door up top. Edwards drives the lane. Kickout cheat up and put on the floor and wide open driving right to the Tigers aimed thirty-seven a piece Matt Bradley too much help from the weak side. All alone on that side. And again, you gotta play him to drive. He doesn't really want to take the three. Crowd at Wells Fargo arena on their feet now suing. The back it out at the top. Dribble crew Justice style goes to Austin Harris up top sheet him shoving him out shot clock at five I trying to find the face ban over catch shoot three two long Edwards at the rebound momentarily. Then it gets McNeil gets back. Bradley back to McNeil dairies can't hit the shot without a big one door gets the rebound. Still tied at thirty seven. When you get a break your half to take advantage door to answer does. And now, it's forty thirty seven sun devil comes down to shooting. One guy misses a wide open three at the other end their guy makes it great. So what could have been a pivotal moment in the ball game goes to ASU. There's now down by free McNeil. Left side. Someplace to go with it, Bradley, Scott. Dirt Scott him now. Austin crowd still up on there being Paris Austin driving in can't get the layup gets fouled will have to earn them. From the line when we come back. Fifteen o one to go in the ballgame. Arizona state as.

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