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Different animal but look he played some really good teams and some really nerve racking situation trying to get to the one seed you know members Yorkshire right near heels and he answered the bell seemingly at every turn so I don't think the pressure will be too much he has learned under Belichick and Brady and Haley is been behind their big spots but again nobody knows until we take those snaps here's the thing I think the Niners are poised for a good five to seven year run of being really good I don't think it's gonna be surprise at all in the young in the upcoming years if the Niners are consistently in the playoffs consistently winning the division consistent consistently hosting playoff games I do think it could be really early for them because you think about it this is an issue with three thirteen and three teams three of our and as you said it even though the Seahawks warrant one of those teams the Niners and Seahawks are separated by a hair I mean it was to down to the wire games and the each one on a road on the road field really stating a delay game week seventeen could have changed everything for home field here so that's why in the NFC I think it's dealers choice I just don't think that there's any team that that much better than the team that they will play I think the Vikings several will run out of gas in this game because the pressure the physicality of the Niners what is the difference between the Niners the Packers the sea hawks in the Vikings very much no I think the separation between the AFC top the ravens and the chiefs versus the tie into the Texas I think that's a pretty big gap I do not think there's almost any differential between the top three teams the NFC and the fourth team to me would be the Vikings they would just be maybe a hair under that but the MC teams are all pretty tightly packed in there and had the saints one it might be fourteen the save well it's again dealers choice anyone these fourteen for just as good the other three yeah I agree with you and I I think it just shocks me those the weeks gone on knowing what Minnesota did in New Orleans that people still kind of aren't believing where I am maybe people just for that Monday night game they fell apart first Green Bay and then kissed away everything that could have been a division for them but look New Orleans in one this is team a week ago we were sitting here people picking them to go to the Superbowl the Viking slay the dragon now they can't go be Kyle Shanahan Jimmy grapple in San Francisco I find that hard to believe yeah no I think the cat and I think the reason that people gray down the Vikings that people in general work it's hard to change a narrative and so the cousins narrative is still there even despite that when I think the second part is that the Minnesota Vikings all season have felt like a caught under everybody else the the top your team in the NFC what I think you're so entered the season that way because the everybody stop believing occur because yeah also include yes yes and then also last week because drew Brees looks so bad I think a lot of people thought it was a bad day for the saints have a good day for the Vikings defense and that's I think that's why there's not a lot of spec going the Vikings this game it's all fair and look I'm looking for this might be the game I'm looking for to the most really again yeah I am that pump for this really what I'm Seahawks Packers at Lambeau that's the one I'm most fired up about yeah I mean look at the setting and everything will be there that's late Sunday whatever I have a few I will get to set up the got by feel like you might get away from us in the second half that's a tease he's got pics news football food we coming up here in about thirty minutes from now little bit less twenty five minutes from now when we return we got a new pirate in the SCCA yeah what does this mean for the SEC west eight five five two one two for CBS eight five five two one two four two two seven a Twitter DA on CBS in the target demo Friday here on CBS sports radio every weekday morning wake up with the show the players wives this is incredible what a time to be alive good morning NFL network with three hours of coverage to get you caught up.

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