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Speed limit. It ought to people like you leave out early. Don't blame. Say you know what I can leave out is just the whole thing. I don't want to be on the road. I don't wanna be out there per se. I just wanna get on, and they will get from where I'm going to get to where I'm going like that is it? It's not right. No, I just want to get there. Could be thirty minutes today. I got here thirty minutes early. Well, no like twenty minutes early good job. But I just wanted to people, I'm probably had to get in front of in, like people didn't cut me off, and I swear it and not as split around two rooks wanna give to rough. It's army army. We had to do aggressive drive in dodging, Rosa bombs and whatnot. I did the opposite like I get my car because I don't want to have a flashback, then it's like oh, then everything is serious. Then. And I can't calm down. I need a therapist to get me. Right. As rough so, yeah, I just drive slow. I don't have time for that. Don't. Probably pass you through towns on Roque. So I'm a good driver as a woman, and he says, okay, driver woman. I'm aggressive. I don't care. Me that aggressive is draft. But the other one, I had was if I happen to be in not such great mood one day when is the question that follows that up? Oh, jeez. I got we got this the military lot. Must be on the rag. First of all, I hate that expression as a whole go. Like us this the studies like we own. Isn't that rags noble? It's very updated and very eloquent now like it's just a way for them to just call you nasty. To say you're being nasty like oh, you must be on the rag. It's like this. Very unpleasant. Top of your disgust him because you have a rank stuck up in your vagina. And that's why you just in unpleasant, unpleasant, MU and be unpleasant. Couldn't be that your idiot today to be me like somebody's. No, I'm not very rude. No wrangled it today. I'm just Nydia it has come from a man because no one is going to be the woman they might actually like PMS much. You know lie they just know like, oh, what's wrong with you? But they don't even say must be their time. Even knew that I think is ridiculous it that is followed up with that question all the time. I can't just you can't have a bad as a female, and that's there's some following it up, which means that your own Iraq or something. And so this should be like the root things men as because a lot of men saying. Do they like? But oh no, not ma'am. Actually would ask questions because women are tired of hearing it. They would exit shit. They they sell. So he's like, I'm tired of this. I wouldn't actually, but I got all all the time in military. But if everybody would be idiots. If they were just just not being smart was okay. And it was just out. I'm going to yell at, you know, because this how we handle situations in the military, we don't have any would have any real baron. So we just start yelling. And so I will yell. I told you the move destruc- from here to here and you didn't. So now I'm angry. I don't have PMS. I'm just angry on Iraq. I'm angry now because I told you to do something, and you did not do, but they would diminish your your anger, as like she's on a period. Yeah. But it's like if a gadget the same Halloween were yelling he. Okay. But if I do the yelling then I'm on the right now. He's they're like, why are you being such?.

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