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Tonight, from billings, Montana. The U.S. and Mexico. I don't have a ton more to say about this game. I mean, if I wanted to sit here and find negatives, maybe I could, but I don't really have them. I know you. It's funny you had mentioned walker Zimmerman earlier and being pulled out of position. Largely, I actually thought that he was in the second half. He made some huge plays for the U.S. to kind of cut down Mexican chances. He was, I thought, at least certainly in the second half, I get what you're saying about early on him maybe being problematic and trying to keep that press intact. But in the second half, I thought he was a rock for them. It wasn't so much keeping the press intact Andrew. It was like following him and his when he went him and has dropped off. So you expect maybe an aerial combat with their number 9 him and his, but that's not really what happened. He was dropping into the middle and Zimmerman was following him and you saw in the chances you're like, where did this gap come from? That Mexico are now running through. And that was Zimmerman just coming out after him and so once he stopped doing that, I thought he had next link game. And in terms of one V one defending, turns to some of the blocks he made. He was superb. I'm not criticizing. I largely I like that center back pairing. That worked that works for me. Miles Robinson walker's in. Like, I'm good moving forward with that. I think based on last night's evidence, that is something that works very, very well. I like mine's Robinson anyway. I think he's I think his ability to cover ground reads the game very well and he's comfortable on the ball and those are things you need as a modern center back. I think he's got very good. That lineup last night for the U.S.. Stefan included, he didn't have a ton of opportunities to leave his imprint on the game. But when he was called upon, he did everything asked him. He had he had a great game. If everyone is healthy, how many things are different? If this is game one World Cup Qatar, how different would that line up be? Is it only best yet one? Is everything else? Is that pretty? No. Don't forget the starting lineup doesn't have purely again. So yes, you're right. And the other one I'm wondering about, I guess right now, yes, pure psych obviously would start. But like Gio raina is going to have to re earn that spot back in I don't think he starts in this current setup as we sit here and now and that is not a reflection on him as a footballer. He knows speaks to the quality of this team. Look, you can't, there's only 11 spots, right? So I think I honestly my gut tells me that. That Greg bear holder wants to stick with Stefan and gold. I know he says there's very little between him and Matt Turner. I think he wants to stick with Stefan and gold. The fact that he went back to him after Turner did literally nothing wrong in his run of games, suggests plenty about that. Deandre yedlin then for dest is the other one. That midfield axis of Musa, Adams and mckenney that triumvirate rather, that doesn't change for me. Agreed. That doesn't change. The desk the edlin one is interesting. Yeah, searching your desk has done a good job. He's played really well for this team, especially an attack, plays in a good ball. He's a threat. And the thought of him and waya possibly on the same side is if they're both playing the way that they're capable of playing the speed on the right. They're going to recap it. But Deandre edlin, he was called upon last night, and he was excellent. I thought as well. Got beat once that I remember in the second half, but nothing came of it. He's got great, didn't get a yellow card. They were worried about remember they had married clapboard him in Latin America was asked, you think the next time he folds, he would get a yellow. Well, he didn't. He was solid. And if anything, I think he grew into the game. So these are the signs of growth within this team in that the next man up mentality. It's not just, you know, those aren't just three words. Like they actually mean something for the U.S. now because they have this depth. They can have a true next man up mentality because the next guy who's ready to go and fill in a spot is almost of the quality of the players starting above him. And I don't think we've had our concerns, but we advise defensive abilities in the past. But I think since he's been at Rafa Rafa, Newcastle, and then afterwards, obviously, moving on to Galatasaray. I think he's I think he's a solid solid defender. And I wouldn't be concerned about him there. I think the front three is your question, Mark, no. I think peppy stays because he likes him as that center that's central striker. Not because he's not really a center forward and conventional sense. And then purely coming in, how does that upset the ironson where either side where right now is done enough Andrew just from last night showing a lawn to be a starter? I agree. That is, I mean, you know, I work for two way I mean, he went down as an own goal, but he pretty much did everything to create the goal in the previous World Cup qualifier for the U.S.. So he's he's been very good. And last night was the cherry on top performance for a good run for him. I don't like the idea of dropping Brendan aronson when he gives you so much energy and so much running. But.

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