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Jaguars 15 to one and like the easiest division of all time, pats are 25 to one. I don't totally get it with the jets. It feels like they're a year away, especially with Bruce hall. I don't know if it's realistic that he comes back during this season. It's more than the jet sides. It's because of Brady two years ago, three years ago. It was very similar situation. Great young team just missing one position. And if we get that one position and he can lead us, then we're good. Now remember, it took a while for Brady to learn Aryans as offense. They came and stumbled out of the blocks a little bit. And then they got hot and they won a new and I did a killing on $1 million picks because of it. The jets, he comes with Hackett, Hackett and him. I can tell you, when they went out to Malibu and all the jets coaches or all the jets brass and two owners and Salah and Joe Douglas, it was like hack it and Rogers having a giggle fest like hugging, loving each other up and that was the bridge. That's the comfort. Rogers has never spoken about a coach like he does Nathaniel Hackett. So the hope is that he comes an immediately as the Aaron Rodgers of MVP lore with all these new young weapons and that he can lift all these guys with him. That's asking. So where was that guy last year? I know. I know, they missed the playoffs last year. People forget. They missed the party. He was a good last year. He was up and down and he had some bad games and some bad moments. I just didn't think he was that impactful. So you could say all the off field stuff dragged him down. Now he's a major injury. He wasn't really advertising that he had a thumb injury and apparently he's healed and I think fourth in the AFC is very rich for a franchise that hasn't been to the playoffs in more than a decade. AFC starts on FanDuel are interesting. All the odds are great right now. This is like the best time for value. The bills are plus one 30. The jets are plus two 50. Dolphins plus two 90. And then the Pats are plus 7 50. And I don't know. The Pats were the

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