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Good afternoon it is three o'clock I'd be able to further with your top stories their job in the Minneapolis police officers seen kneeling on George Floyd's neck until we can breed has been arrested and Evan county attorney Mike Freeman have been charged with third degree murder we are in the process of continuing to review the evidence there may be subsequent charges later meanwhile a CNN crew was arrested in Minneapolis while conducting a live television report on rioters angered over the death of George Floyd the news crew was released after about an hour Minnesota's democratic governor Tim Walz addressed the issue while speaking to reporters I am deeply apologetic that this happened I understand that the community would believe if this were targeted I have as I told Jeff Zucker president of CNN I don't care at this point what the circumstance was why they got arrested it is wrong it is unacceptable we needed to correct it in other news coronavirus shutdowns across the U. S. brought the nation's economy to a near total freeze state cast amount says the federal government released consumer spending data for the month of April that showed just how deep the impact was there was a thirteen point six percent drop in consumer spending in April according to the bureau of economic analysis that equates to one point eight trillion dollars it was the largest month to month decline since the B. E. A. began tracking the data in nineteen fifty nine it followed a six point nine percent drop in the month of March your home there is a new order requiring all Tennessee nursing home residents and staff be tested for covert nineteen by June thirtieth governor Lee in the unified command say failure to comply will be considered a serious deficiency which could result in loss of license and fines they say it's necessary with people living in long term care facilities making up nearly forty percent of all covert nineteen related deaths in Tennessee meanwhile a code nineteen task force is recommending changes to campus life at middle Tennessee state university this fall one of the recommendations is to end the fall semester at thanksgiving all finals will be taken remotely are now summer classes will continue remotely but a phased in return to work plan starts June sixteenth for faculty and staff can weaver W. T. N. news that's the latest news brought you by duck duck go traffic and weather next what with all the overtime our appliances have been taking on these last.

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