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The you kind of like this guy. But when you can't decide between the filet O fish or the Big Mac, and he says, I'll get you both. Thank you. You definitely like this guy meal. Get it at McDonald's. When you get two of your faves for just six bucks, let me definitely present participation be very single and regular price. 7 28 chick Ludwig 700 W will w coming up in a couple of minutes. We're going to go up to New York State and hook up with John Girardi. Long time feature. Writer columnist Sports writer to Cincinnati, Inquire retired now but unauthorized You remember the book? Didn't come out that long ago from Cuba to Cooperstown. Tony Perez. Yeah, Well, we're gonna talk to John. You're already here in a few minutes. I want to update you on some college basketball scores in the top 25. You see a way? In overtime knocks off Stanford, 72 to 71. Alabama over Mississippi State right now, 65 to 57 with under a minute to go. Bail, or 81 to 66 over Oklahoma State. Villanova knocks off Providence, 71 to 56 Houston over Temple 68 to 51. Oklahoma. 75 Kansas 68. Ohio State goes into Madison, Wisconsin, and knocks off the Badgers. The 15th ranked Buckeyes take down the 10th ranked Badgers 74 to 62 proud of my home, a mater, the Ohio State Buckeyes. Creighton. Chops down Yukon 74 to 66, West Virginia all over Kansas State, 69 to 47, Syracuse 18 better Then Virginia Tech 78 to 60. Maryland. Goes into the twin cities and chops down the Minnesota Golden Gophers, 63 to 49, Florida state. In Tallahassee all over 20th ranked Clemson, 80 to 61. And man if you're a date in Flyer fan while the Flyers got taken to the wood shed today. At Virginia Commonwealth V C U 66 to 43 over the Flyers. We've reached the bottom of the hour break when we come back. We're gonna continue discussing the awesomeness that is Hall of Fame hero legend. Man myth and legend Hank Aaron with John Girardi. It's coming up next. Chick Ludwig 700 wlw. News, traffic and Weather News radio 700 WLW Cincinnati January on track to be the deadliest month so far, this is Theseventies 30 report I met Reese. Breaking now. The United States saw its single highest day number of vaccines given yesterday, but many states are still reporting a rising number of cases and deaths from the Corona virus. And by the time this month is over, there will likely be a new record on average this week in American death from Cove in 19 was reported every 30 seconds, and some states there were already ravaged by the virus over the summer are once again seeing a search. Florida reporting a wrecker. Tying 277 deaths Friday, along with 14,000 new cases in the CDC says Arizona has the highest number of cases per capita in the country and say BC STRIPPER All will run down the Tri state's latest report of coronavirus numbers in a moment, but first the latest traffic and weather together no major delays or accidents to report At this hour. Now, the ladies forecast from the train heating and cooling Weather Center on news radio 700 wlw clouds will be building up overnight. It's gonna be a cold one with a low of 25. There's a chance of some early morning wintry mix of rain, freezing rain and snow, then that rain chance becomes more isolated. During the afternoon, one of cloudy skies and a high of 38. From your severe weather station. I'm nine first warning. Meteorologist Sherry Hughes is radio 700 wlw Radar's clear 31 degrees is our temperature in Cincinnati, Kentucky, reporting nearly 3800 new cases of Corona virus and 49 new death, one of the deadliest day so far for.

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