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Good for you guys to see and tell you where you were duped and then bring it back on me go we'll chill corrected of stuff excuse me cheo is the one that corrected this in the very first place chill does not get corrected and as the author of the statement i have poetic license to invoke and go back and correct the narrative anytime i want in the story because it's my goddamn story you're the one that was sitting at home paying forty nine dollars five times a year to buy a product that i later told you was fake and then you had a sit back and go by god he was right and then the mark holman's and the gary goodridge in the dawn fries and the markers on it all came out and said yeah he was right he's the first one that got it and then you've got the other guys that had a big old goose egg next to the record over there that absolutely not let that go i'm not calling those guys liars i'm attempting to explain for you they genuinely don't know they genuinely don't know that the locker room of their opponent was visited they genuinely when those opponents fell down left right and center and they went crazy with celebration the reason it looks so authentic and real is because they're not actors so the person that told the opponent to go down did not tell the other guy he was going to go over because they wanted a genuine excitement i created this story for you you had no idea you sat there like a dumb dumb and pushed the buy button and thought that somebody could knock out twenty some men but come to the states and not be any you thought that that'd be that's what happened so excuse me but do not correct me on this story and do not ever say that i backtracked i am a grown man i think of my thoughts clearly i will own them i will deal with the consequences but so help me never will i take them back.

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