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Out of the team since then. Remember what he told us so on the show. He said he still did feel guys like part of the setup and I think the exact words now you said, we forgive each other. That's what we said, which makes you think like, as you said, you know, the air is clear. I'm with you mouth. I'm with you. I want to see the younger center back. I'm ready for it. Yeah, and I will, of course, I disagree with her. He says that there's no better send it back when everyone's at their top of their level. Should the number one, I put Johan basketball number two his play. He's been playing fantastic at Genoa. And Martina likes actor Moreno. He's going to be a part of that. And my other concern with Garrett is the following. When he's a great player, I'm not going to deny that right here. I'm not that stupid. I might look stupid. I'm not that stupid, but I'll say this. We call it in Spanish, as soon more ladder. It's a flipping point. And give you a very good game or a very bad game. He can actually lose gains for you if he's in a bad day. So I believe that the martino doesn't want to run that risk with Carlos herself. I mean, we want to go down the road of Catalonia's. We want to go on the route of Johan Vasquez, the two all senior level games of Cesar Monday, so I think it's a very, very good player, but you saw what he did at the U 23 tournament in Tokyo. There were some very rough moments out of him. Everybody makes mistakes. Eczema Moreno is getting along in the tooth. I just feel if you're going to tell me there are four to 5 better center backs in him. I don't buy it. I just wonder if also the moment plays plays a part here and he is, looks like in the middle of a move, right? From the rest of Toronto FC, we wondered how that would be received in Mexico by the technical staff, maybe that's playing a part. Let's move to our second of three questions here and it focuses on a player that Mauricio and I absolutely love. Diego Linus. So.

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