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Okay. For for what it's worth. I mean, I grew up on the south side not far from from the original Comiskey park. And I mean and the very first baseball game. I ever went to as a kid was the White Sox game till we lost. That's pretty funny. Just have a bad experience. It was actually a good experience. I will say this is this is my issue. This has always been my issues Hershiser when they changed the name of the park when they called it. I don't know. What do they call it when you sell your soul, and what was it after Comiskey cellular field? So. Mri park. They turned into the cell and now it's the became Comiskey. Yeah. It sounds like a workout room. Comiskey? I got to work on my lattes. It is. Gee rates and she rate with a lovely giant red arrow pointed. Oh. The White Sox actually asked him if they wouldn't mind changing the logo, and they said, no, we're not going to do that the three zero once kudos Roger would a cool idea. They love the countdown with jerseys. Roger, thank you very much. The our friend a- Tracy says Chicago baseball, spring training is right around the corner for me and John's White Sox and Patty's cubs. Let's have a great season. I have like I said, I'm Jay baseball. I love baseball, Patty. Carlos may was the only player to wear his birthday on the back of his jersey may seventeenth. Oh, that's cool. Did you know that Roger you actually somewhat did post on my Facebook post that it was also his verdict seventeenth? Yeah. That's followers, become Wikipedia. So they'll just start fact checking spell checkers, thank you. We appreciate hostile wrong. And Jerry in Kansas as the entire AL central is rebuilding this year. So. So so we actually have a golden opportunity with the rebuild. Every team mostly is down except for probably the twins the twins and the Tigers are down royals are down. So you got an outside chance looking in with a little bit of hope. And that's the thing that gets me is the American League central at one point was the best dominant in baseball and then one year later, poof, not so great. Well, I'd argue that the year the White Sox won the World Series. They weren't the best team in baseball until the playoffs. Started his craft in which case they were on hit -able like just the most amazing stretch out of her seat in playoffs. Baseball in my life. How many full complete complete came starts in any World Series. We were eleven and one right? They were just trying to outdo one. Another and fed off each other. They had amazing energy was so much fun to watch. But at the end of that season they were trying to lose to the end. We were actually lagging that out. We we looked bad. Yeah. Terrible. And right. So it really doesn't matter. If you're good during the regular season as long as you're on fire you make the play offs. And that's the part that often miss. The key factor is the energy that I'm curious about. So rob is not impressed with the idea of getting Machado. What does it? What are your thoughts on that the highest free agency? Tags Machado and Harper. And I don't think Bryce Harper is the guy because he's going to do very well in the National League. He will he's going to have a whole swing in the American League. I'm just telling you fact, fact out Manny Machado in this team with John Jay and some other people that are Machado fans would gel and fit. He's gonna be your complete player. The thing is the price tag. So this comes down and Manny Machado and only manning Machado. Do you wanna lower your price tag hair? Go four or five years. You think you could bet on yourself, and you get a ring you're good. If you don't feel like you want to ring, and you only want the cash have had it, right? Yeah. This isn't the team for you. Exactly. I'm surprised. No one's talking about collusion. I mean, I'm serious. Monopoly. My way. Funny. Are we talk about all the time? But the baseball owners just don't want to give contracts and it screams collusion. Other side of collusion is economics. They're looking at what's happened. The last ten years, all these giant contracts. They're giving you guys later like two thirds through their career. It doesn't pay off pay off. You guys are both right in both regards. I think the key that we have to remember is a lot of teams really like what the the other teams like the Astros and the cubs and other people with youth. So when all these people are coming in now all those free agents are like, where's my paycheck? So you have a glut of youth and you have a ton of free agency. So I'm sorry. But your free agent price tag is. There's too many free agents in nano positions now. Yeah, I totally agree. I think the way to go is through rebuilding the farm system having more options, everybody's geyser a little bit disposable, frankly. They don't last that long even with and with guaranteed contracts year almost. Predisposed to not want to pay them that much money. I think Patty knows about this. It's like comics. You're like, yeah. You're not working on the Thursday. So good luck. I killed. I was awesome. Cutting the shows, right? You like what happened and then it just because someone else's coming in? So I see them as as two years ago three years ago, they would have gotten that money. No problem. And now they're like totally agree to to what and their money. Couple of questions. Well, first of all the three zero one, which I think is Maryland is our friends in Maryland says, hey, Patty, I just love them both you're so lucky to not only have one but two teams for many years. We didn't have any baseball team. And when we finally got when they stunk. Orioles Ono, get better. Eventually also, I wanna find out where now Elliott ni- our favorite place to watch cubs games. Especially in the postseason playoffs is at Murray's peaks pizzeria Lawrence because they have the even have a pianist player. Yes. Lovely then they'll do like, you know, should.

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