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Hundred local families two years ago chemicals were found in the water at nearby gabri ski airport officials say chemicals can be removed from public water but the long term effects of exposure are unknown polly cries men for seven ten w o r more arrests are expected as the investigation into an upstate sex cult known as nexium continues prosecutors told the judge that the government plans to file a new indictment against moore defendants but didn't go into specifics smallville actress allison mack along with alleged sex cult leader keith ranieri appeared in a brooklyn federal court for a hearing on sex trafficking charges both have denied wrongdoing in the case she's been on house arrest at her parents home in california and word is mac and her attorneys are working on a plea deal to avoid a trial i'm lisa g for seven ten w o r news over a potentially historic us summit with korea yesterday as the families of three us nationals currently detained in north korea wait to hear if they'll be released details from chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz that proposed summit says the president is now a certainty have we have a location we'll be announcing no further details yet but the president has said in the last week he favors the dmz as a location this comes as expectations rise that three american detainees will be released soon north korea has reportedly adjusted their clocks to be in the same time zone as south korea some calling it a good sign sports and weather next w o r news time to all three hey this is elvis duran there's so many gifts you could give your mother i vote sheri's berries i know when i received them it turns my day around sheri's berries come in that signature gift box with.

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