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Your patience. Good morning. My brother from another mother. You're doing good morning. We where two hundred for whites your wife, and my wife they stood by, but I wanna get to election. Hold on. Hold on. Georgia's throat cancer, and and his wife was right there with them. Just like my wife has been with me. Go ahead. But okay. Polls yet I was waiting for the weather to stop because I have a friend of mine's a paraplegic. So I'm gonna go pick him up. And we're all gonna vote today. All those folks out there. Those people your neighbors or your friends. That are sickly. And if you can help them go and vote pick him up take him about we got to get these things done. This is so wonderful. I never seen the spark like this in American history. I'm seventy years old Marty. And I'll tell you what this is really brought out a lot of people's to vote today. The way what a great observation you like Trump or not has out there doing something for the first time in a long time. Yes. Even a vote for against Trump is doing what I'm saying. People are doing well, I usually split my belbow tell you what probably vote straight straight Republican split it. I'm a Republican so blessed still still split the candidates that I liked the best for you on the same. As you brother. I I have never in my life voted a straight ticket anything. I just haven't. All right. So here's what I wanna know. Did you vote? What was what was the crowd? Like number two. Are you voting for against Trump? Did you vote? What was the crowd like voting for against Trump, which is why my theory today? Eight six six three hours and twenty. Hey, diane. Go ahead monroeville. Oh marty. I just wanted to say I'm glad you're feeling better. Hope everything goes well with us like you just coming from the polling place, and I had heard somebody before say something about the straight ticket years ago when I was younger, I would just vote straight ticket straight tickets. But but when I would do that I would go through the people and hit their name hit the straight ticket. I would hit each of their name which in turn. I think gives a better idea of what you're doing. Well, no, no, I get it. Plus, at least you look at every election race, rather. Yeah. Yeah. And we had some referendums which I had to read which are bad for seventy four year old I but. But that's the doll. And I'm on my way now. Join the ladies just a senior center. Thank you. My dear. She made mention of a referendum. There is a referendum on the ballot for funding for kids. I like the idea like Patrick Doughty's actually behind it. But it was very convoluted very confusing. My wife gave me a lot of insight on this a very confusing as how the money will be spent who will manage the money, however, comma, anything to be able to get money into the hands of folks are going to help kids at preschool level, I'm in so there. Hey, Paula cranberry. Good morning. Good morning Marty. Welcome back. Thank you, brother. Yes. I voted nice barriers quite a turnout, which I was surprised and for the first time in over forty years voting. I voted straight ticket because of Trump. Yes. Nice only did it because watching the Kevin I'm hearing. Yeah. Things turned me off good. So you took that one hearing, which by the way, people do this. Let's single issue voters in you latch onto that. And that's why you voted Republican this time. Totally because I listened to Maxine Waters be to I getting I get. Yeah. These people when I was growing up they were voted in to make our lives better. Not there's no no, I get it. And what you're doing is very common. And it's actually an astute observation this is what I think's happening all across America. We'll be right back, folks. Probably check on the power by Nissan. Fifty one south on top of the hill folk Charlotte inbound.

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