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The twenty years have passed. But you look and you know what do you know who know and the funny part at least for me. I'm also a parent aren't of young adults. The challenge is if you don't stop to pay attention to what's happening now you're GonNa look back and then have regrets. I don't wonder how regrets so I was trying to juggle the good time with the kids. The quality time I'm with the friends the good performance with the work. So you're trying to take everything on and thinking that you can't carry all then at one point not just like it's not a week still only twenty four for twenty four hours in a day so you'll have to make priorities and stick to it. Saw Roll my burnout. Allowed me to actually okay. This is it needs to figure out what's important for me. Need to figure out what legacy I WANNA quantitive with my kids. I don't want them to say. Just say yes. My mom had a job that was demanding and we barely saw her. I want them to say I have a great relationship with so far that I had to invest edge. It's where it's the same thing at work if you WANNA have a great relationship nations sheep at work. You don't WanNa be at work with your colleagues and all we do is complain about the insanity of the base. We have to stop look at the base figure out what we need to prove that base and make it work for everybody because what you realize that we sometimes forget what I'm feeling selling when I'm over under pressure for everything at work is chances are filling it other people's feeling it too and if we're all feeling depressed and stressed guess what. No one is performing the way they should. So what do we need to do about that. So for me when I'm at work in same thing when I'm at home it's all about the collective have to get the best result possible and do I recognize the trends that were setting bowl. Four were employee's in our organization and he's it's sustainable. Because if we all drop look for bead we all drop at the same time. We can't provide the service we can broker have the programs. Whatever it is that were meant to to daily off? Aw so that's part of our responsibility as leaders within our hearts issue at some crucial and you even said at the onset when you take care of your people and and I know a lot of people in organizations say customer comes first the client comes. I am a strong advocate. Know your people come I if you take care. Serve your people that are working with you and for you and your organization they will take care of the customer so the clients better than they would have before. And and if you're burning out your staff they're going to leave and we are seeing it just with statistics of how many people Paul are are leaving jobs at a rapid pace because there's other jobs available were an approach employees environment in most markets. Right now where people can in pick up and leave at a moment's notice and with freelancing in everything else you know the war for talent define. I'm good talented. People is getting hard. And if your organization is made up of CEOS that will say no. We're not gonNA have you worked on Christmas. Stay in boxing. Day Americans explained boxing. Danny moment but Do not you know he sends out a memo or she sends out a memo saying do not work Christmas Day your boxing day but then the Friday before sends out this project that is due on the twenty eighth in three days to do it. Do the mass people people. Those people are going to be working on Christmas Day and Boxing Day to get that done just about walking the talks it. You can't just tell people to not do do and then you're you're doing yourself so he has to be You'll have to model the behavior. You WanNa put into your structures church so that means if I said nobody works me. Two doesn't work and if I don't want to work I have to ensure them to are able to have time I'm off so it's how do I plan in dissipates. So that we're we get better. I did what I often say. Is that as a society. We have of invested a lot of time and energy teaching people how to do but not have to be so where the work environment than the bigger challenge I see is people are so busy doing that. They're not even recognizing the portion that is being interaction with the other the friction recreating the all of those lack of connection that we have because we're so busy doing but in terms of customer service in terms of employee. Engagement the how to be is you because otherwise people don't want to stay with your within your company you have spot on. And when organizations take care of their people and create. The environment where burnout is a lot harder to happen it. From the longterm standpoint the organization your employees will be better off so Paul enjoyed our conversation. Today you probably talk about the subject for weeks but And we can always do that again. But working people find out more about you and the awesome work you're doing. There's always my website where you can go ahead Paula. Alfonse phones DOT COM. I also have a few tools online at a available on the website that that he's called a My Best Life Right now I can send you the detail after full for you to Put with the notes but if for me Ah at the bottom what I want people to understand is be you just be you your self and follow your passion if you do this wherever you go. It's GONNA be That environment where I feel like contribute in that I can do it with a a lighter weight but if I don't then it feels like everything is hard in. I'm struggling then after that. You find yourself going towards burnout because I'm trying to either impress. I'm trying to be someone else. And it's not working so for me when I look at a wetter burnout all whether your journey whatever your journey is is by knowing yourself. What matters to you and I'll do? I establish the priorities descended boundaries. So that life is something I want to leave through rather broad Because trying to do things on the Ba- get busy so that I can enjoy life later on retirement or whatever guess what life is going to catch you way before your will actually reached that stage. If you're not paying attention awesome. That's so awesome an audience. I'll have all that information in the show. Notes says well and thank you again. Paul for being on the show appreciate you in the awesome work. You're doing so it's good to have a partner in crime in the world to do everything we can into your tell people will that they don't have to be burned out They make the right choices and Their life will be better because of it and he's on the day to day basis every single choice. You make every single day will determine what your future will be but in in that conversation you'll have to understand if I want something different. Each what I'm doing right now is not working than I need to make a different different choice. Keep doing something in the university. The atmosphere will change so yeah to mates no dice self and obliged self-care on a daily basis and that usually helps you forward here so awesome so awesome so until next assigned everybody we will pay. It's Michael again. Thank you for listening to the PODCAST. I really appreciate it. Sure like many people. You're dealing with some significant stress and possibly approaching burn. Turn out. I know how you feel in two thousand nine. My burn out led to a year for case scenarios. I do.

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