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Democratic president now that she hasn't should we reconsider that question? Yes, I mean look I think it's If you think about Justice Ginsburg own life work and what she cared about him in particular gender equality. I mean, this was what animated her from the time she was in law school and maybe earlier she wanted women to have the same opportunities as men. She wanted men to have an expanded scope of possibilities in front of them to she wanted the strictures of traditional gender roles to be loosened in America. So when you think about all of that and you know also she was a huge champion for voting rights for the voting rights act for the notion that making sure that people of color have equal political power and chance to vote in this country that was a huge. Motivating force for her and the Shelby County decision in two thousand, thirteen. All of that is at risk now, and so in hindsight I think it's clear that it was a mistake that she didn't leave the court earlier. I wrote a piece. I can't remember what year it was years ago making the argument that everyone yelling at her to get off the court was not going to work. She was an indomitable spirit, right I mean incredibly strong determined woman and that's how she got to where she was. It also meant they think that she made this rail mistake of judgment in refusing to leave, and I think you're right that she bet on Hillary Clinton winning the election and of course that didn't happen and so there's always going to be this kind of. An. Unintended aspect of her legacy that is going to. It just it's going to depend what happens next right in terms of whether the gains that she cared so much about whether we're waiting to get to keep that or not the the to that was you wrote it in December of twenty thirteen. Stop telling Ruth Bader Ginsburg to retire. It's counterproductive. Read the last graph the justices could give us the gift of regular turnover themselves by agreeing to adopt voluntary term limits no constitutional amendment necessary. But that would take the unanimous collective action from a fractured group of nine on perhaps the most personal issues of all their own work lives. It's another dream that won't come true. But at least it makes for better holiday conversation than liberal complaints about Ginsberg's determination to stay put I almost. Want to leave on a more humane note. So we do that. Do you think her greatest? Her greatest legacy is in the laws she wrote what she represented, who she was two other female lawyers and justices where will we and how will we remember? I mean her greatest legacy is just tremendous strides that women have made toward equality since she was a little girl growing up in Brooklyn, we just live in a different world where. You know everything isn't perfect but women have so many more opportunities we believe in ourselves so much more I think collectively than we did then and that's what she wanted for us. So her legacy is her granddaughters. It's all the people who dress up as her and I'll halloween it's the way she became a feminist icon because she cared so much about that kind of dream and opening those doors for people..

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